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Nancy J. Newman

Making Time

Time is precious.  We worry about it, plan for it, and never have enough of it.  Women lawyers, in particular, are deeply concerned about time, as they struggle to balance the heavy demands of law practice, client needs, and the many obligations – both joyous and stressful – of raising a family.  Bar newsletters are filled with articles, blogs, and programs about our essential struggles with time.  But did you know, you can make time? While time on a watch is uniform, time for a human is relative.  The longest year in my life was between my fifth and sixth…

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Hobby Lobby Decision Trounces Women’s Reproductive Freedom

By a vote of 5 to 4, the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision struck a blow against women’s health and reproductive freedom. The conservative majority of the court ruled that the requirement of the Affordable Care Act that employer-provided health insurance include contraceptive care for women violates the religious freedom of “family held” corporations. The decision is wrong factually, legally, and practically. First, the factual errors. Hobby Lobby operates approximately 600 craft stores nationwide and employs more than 20,000 workers. It is controlled by one family which claims it is trying to operate its business on religious principles. The corporation…

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Heather Asher

Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know About Ms. JD’s New ED - Heather Byrd Asher

1.  I was born in Atlanta, GA, but moved around a few times (Rochester, Chicago and the Virginia suburbs) before moving back to Atlanta when I was 11. 2.  I met my husband in Ghana during a study abroad program in my junior year of college.  He was visiting family there and we met through a mutual friend that he bumped into on the street.  We found out that we lived only 20 minutes from each other in the U.S. and…now we’re celebrating our five year wedding anniversary. 3.  I have a 20 month old son who has unfortunately learned…

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Are there differences between male and female criminals?

Before we dive into the question of whether there are differences between female and male criminals, we must first ask the question are there natural differences between males and females? Your answer would be, “yes, of course”. Well, then the answer to the first question would be the same. Males and females are physically and mentally different, thus it would be logical to assume that they would likewise be different when it comes to crime. What are the natural differences between males and females? As stated earlier, males and females differ naturally in many ways and a list of differences…

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Through the Looking Glass—Observations from Five Years Out: Inundated

Achieving success is the goal of our professional lives, right?  We love the success, but we need to be prepared for the growing pains that come with it. If left untreated, those growing pains can sour the sweetness of success. I originally intended this monthly column to reflect on 12 qualities I observe in successful female attorneys. “Inundated” is not one of them. But as my practice and my life progress, it has become obvious that managing the flood of demands that comes with professional and personal success is a skill that must be mastered. When I graduated from law…

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Federal Bar Association Announces the 2014 Women in the Law Conference

Women in the Law Conference: POWER AND PROGRESS | July 11, 2014 | Washington, D.C. Find your power. Make progress. Join the Federal Bar Association and your colleagues at the inaugural 2014 Women in the Law Conference on July 11 at the George Washington University Marvin Center in Washington, D.C. and invest in your future and in the advancement of women as legal practitioners. Don't miss keynote speakers Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, P.C., Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, and Hon. Patricia A. Millett, U.S. Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, as they aim…

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Women Lawyers and the Media

Many people in, and out of, the legal profession still wonder why female attorneys are underrepresented in influential and powerful positions. The disparity of pay between female partners and their male colleagues is chasm like and female attorneys still find themselves shut out of the prime assignments and limited access to major clients. The statistics can be startling: The percentage of female equity partners in the country’s 200 largest firms has remained unchanged at 15 percent since the National Association of Women Lawyers started surveying in 2006.   Female equity partners earn 89 percent of the pay earned by male…

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Kristin Holland

Mentors Matter: How to Say Goodbye (or Aloha) to Your Mentor

I’m moving from Los Angeles to Hawaii.  This is a dream come true for me.  I’m excited and scared and thrilled and pretty much dumbstruck that it’s really happening.  Despite all of my joy and amazement, telling my mentor at work this happy news was the hardest work phone call I’ve ever had to make.   He had no idea that I was planning the move, because I didn’t tell him or ask for his advice.  I had already made up my mind.  My decision was based on many factors, and nothing he could have said to me would have changed…

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valerie lherrou

No Longer Extraordinary: court dress

Shortly after I graduated from law school, I was getting ready for a job interview one day, wearing a suit with pumps, and my young son exclaimed "you look like a real lawyer!" Since I didn’t feel like one yet, it was great to hear that I at least looked like one! (It also freaked him out the first day I went to court wearing a long skirt with boots: he was worried I would be found in contempt.) While my then eight-year-old son perhaps had a simplistic view, it's true: lawyers wear suits. Everyone knows that.  Except that it's not that simple. What…

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Law School through My Lens: Advice for the Creative Law Student

When I received my acceptance letter, my mother and I did a happy dance in the living room. My dream came true – I was going to law school! I started my photography business about 2 years earlier and so naturally I packed my things along with my camera gear, without batting an eyelash. I was determined to continue being creative and moved from Toronto to Ottawa to begin my journey. The choice wasn't a surprise to the ones closest to me. They believed I could do it all. Before law, I managed extra-curricular activities while studying since elementary school. To them…

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