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Rusty Links: Four Strategies for Fixing the Chain of Command and Sexual Assault in the Military

In mediation, attorneys have a saying, “If neither party is pleased afterward—because neither party got everything it wanted and had to compromise—it meant that the mediation went well.” Sadly, the decisions in two military sexual assault cases last week, left everyone dissatisfied and I doubt that anyone would say that the proceedings went well.   The trial of Brig. Gen. Jeffery Sinclair, who admitted to adultery and was accused of sexual misconduct with a female subordinate, ended with him pleading to a lesser charge. Then two hours later, in a separate case, Joshua Tate, a former Naval Academy football player,…

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Habits of Successful Rainmakers

The New Year has rung in and it’s time to plan for a prosperous year. To start off with a bang, listed below are productive habits of highly successful rainmakers I’ve observed over the years: Planning is key. To write down your goals, vision, and plan to grow your practice is likened to having a GPS or map to reach your destination. There is no better time than now to write down your 2014 business goals with concrete steps to accomplish them.  Successful rainmakers focus on clarifying what they are trying to accomplish to help them create a plan so…

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Importance of Internet Law Attorneys

The digital age has evolved considerably over the last two decades. As such, use of the Internet by both businesses and individuals has resulted in the creation of internet law, or legal disciplines associated with internet use. Let’s delve further into Internet law and the reasons for hiring internet law attorneys: Those Affected by Internet Law Any person or business who creates and publishes a website, social media site, e-commerce site or other internet platform is subject to internet law. Protecting rights to content is merely one example of the legal aspects associated with operating an online business or site.…

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From the Frontlines: Sexism Persists

When we first started Ms. JD, one of the most powerful realizations was that there were pervasive, persistent currents of gender bias influencing all our law school experiences. Not until we all started sharing our experiences with one another did we realize it. Only after checking in with other women at other law schools did the subtle differential treatment many of us were experiencing seem connected to our gender. Prior to that, the odd look from a professor was just an off moment, the assumption that I was an administrative assistant not a law student at the tax seminar was…

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Kristin Holland

Mentors Matter: You Don’t Have To Use the M-Word.

Even though it’s March, you don’t need to use the M-word to have a fruitful mentoring relationship with a trusted advisor.  In January I explained that mentors can be in disguise, in February I tried to help you find a trusted advisor, and now in March my advice is that your mentors don’t need to accept a formal M title to play the role.  Not everyone who mentors you needs to know that you think of them as a mentor.  I am not advocating that you lie about your intentions, I’m just suggesting that the relationship can be full of…

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The Dangers of Improper Security of Electronic Health Records

There are only a few individuals who know the most intricate details of your body and mind. The majority of these are health care professionals, only a few of whom you may have an ongoing relationship with. Continuity of care is provided and ensured through your medical records. However, paper records are open to being lost, damaged, or destroyed. Moving records between different public health sites increases the risk of these possibilities. Increasingly the answer has been to create electronic health records, and incentives have been offered to those who make the switch. These can be stored either within the…

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A Women Lawyer’s Check List “Part 1”

For all the chatter, studies, and disheartening stats we read on where Women in the Law rank in the legal services sector, I say “pooie”. Yes, the numbers stink; yes, there are real barriers, discrimination, disappointing treatment from law firm leadership, but hey, we are women “with a capitol W” as the phrase goes. Though I am not nor ever have been a practicing attorney, I have also carefully and strategically navigated the career slalom amongst men in the sense that I am usually the only woman in the board room; have been perceived as a “trouble-maker” at times when…

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Loud and heard: Louisiana women and activists speak out for women’s reproductive rights

My friend Bethany called late one evening a few weeks ago.  She had just come from a meeting of the New Orleans Abortion Fund (NOAF) and was fired up.   NOAF and its allies had recently discovered that the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) had surreptitiously issued  “emergency” regulations that were so stringent that they would effectively shut down all five remaining abortion clinics in the state.   The rules had been enacted in November without public comment or any input from clinics or the medical community. Not only were activists and providers outraged at the undemocratic way in which…

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Kristin Holland

Mentors Matter:  Who Can You Trust?

Happy February! In this month of Valentines and love, I wish for you the gift of a trusted guide and counselor. Last month I wrote about mentors being all around you. But this month I want to focus on another issue, how can you find a mentor you trust? If you are looking for a mentor, how do you know who will actually take the time and give you advice without judging you or, even worse, sabotaging you. How do you find someone who has wisdom and benevolence? Women are loyal, trusting and more naïve about confiding in co-workers than…

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Networking: Tools for the Path Less Taken

By B. DeOrnellas I am in the midst of imagining my future profession. As I am in my last semester of law school, the time has come for me to explore my options for post-graduation. During my time in law school, I have experienced an overwhelming pressure to take a traditional post-grad path. Generally, there have been three potential paths: (1) If you want to do the public interest track, apply to fellowships to support your work at a non-profit. (2) Participate in your campus law firm recruiting program and pick a firm for post-grad. (3) Get a clerkship with…

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