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Liz Vaysman

Thinking Ahead for the Bar: the New York Bar’s Pro Bono Requirement

On September 14, 2012, the New York State Court of Appeals adopted a new rule that establishes a pro bono requirement for those applying to the New York State Bar.  Applicants who are admitted to the NY Bar after January 1, 2015 are required to complete fifty qualified pro bono hours.  This applies to you if you are graduating May 2014 or later, and plan to take the NY Bar.  Even if you do not plan to take the NY Bar, other states are considering implementing a similar requirement. WHO?  Applicants admitted to the bar after January 15, 2015; so…

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Emily Rock

Montessori 1L: Halfway Through Law School

I’m very close to the midway point of law school.  It seems like a good time for some reflection, and so I’m trying to tally the lessons I’ve learned and reminders about how I want to live my law school life. This fall, I dealt with the worst clinical depression I've ever experienced. Law school didn’t cause that, but keeping up with law school while trying to manage the depression was tough.  And it made me realize some things:Some things will always be more important than school.  Health is one of those things.  Some days I couldn’t get myself out…

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Liz Vaysman

American University Washington College of Law recognizes Ms. JD: She Leads!

Editor's Note: This post was written by Farrah Champagne, a second-year law student at American University Washington College of Law who covered Ms. JD's Fifth Annual Conference on Women in the Law. Women and the Law Program Hosts Dynamic Fifth Annual Ms. JD Conference Designed to Cultivate New Women Leaders This fall, American University Washington College of Law hosted the Ms. JD: Fifth Annual Conference on Women and the Law. The dynamic, full-day conference was themed She Leads, and was designed to cultivate the next generation of women leaders. The Women and the Law Program at the law school co-organized…

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Ms. JD’s Law School Finals Exam Tips Round Up

As everyone heads into the Thanksgiving holidays, there's the excitement for turkey day and time with friends and family, the lure of Christmas carols, stores filled with holiday cheer, and ... for all of our law school women, the DREAD OF FINALS. Never fear!  Ms. JD is here to help.  I thought about writing a post dedicated to my best finals tips and tricks and then I realized that I didn't need to because over the years almost all of my tips and tricks have come from these very pages of Ms. JD.  Therefore, as Thanksgiving gift to you, I'm putting…

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First Event As a 1L

On behalf of Ms. JD, I had the pleasure of attending the California Women Lawyer’s 38th Annual Dinner this month as a volunteer. With my fellow 1L, Michelle, we drove straight down after our Criminal Law class at the University of San Francisco to Monterey. The event was held at the Portola Hotel during the same time as The State Bar of California’s weekend-long annual meeting. With hundreds of attorneys and judges scurrying around, the atmosphere in Monterey was incredibly vibrant. As volunteers, we set up the registration table for the dinner guests and coordinated the silent auction. Because we…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Best Friends at the Bar: Your Best Preparation For Law School

Now that we are full into the fall college semester, my thoughts go to the many college and university seniors who are applying to law schools----and the many other college and university students who are thinking about applying to law schools. Some of the students in their first years of college must be wondering how best to prepare for a law education. If they are not, they should be!Although there are no guaranteed prescribed programs and no one path to law school, there is some good advice floating around out there, and I feel compelled to add my own. Some…

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Ms. JD Releases 2011-2012 Data on Gender Diverisity at Top 50 Law Reviews

Editors Note: Below is an excerpt from Ms. JD's press release on our publication of the 2011-2012 data regarding gender diversity on law reviews at the top 50 law schools as defined by U.S. News and World Report. Ms. JD Publishes 2012 Law Review Survey: Survey Shows Women in Leadership Positions on Law Reviews DeclinedMs. JD, a national non-profit dedicated to the success of women in the law, published its 2012 Law Review Survey today. The survey, which examines the participation of women on Law Reviews at the Top 50 Law Schools and the number of women editors-in-chief, found that…

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What No One Tells You Before You Go To Law School: Big Brother is Watching!

I’m not saying this to make you paranoid, but – in law school – anything you say can (and will) be used against you. Particularly if you say it publicly!This can play out in a number of different ways: How will your classmates remember you? What sort of reputation are you building for yourself in law school? Are you the competent, friendly person who stays calm in the face of pressure? Or are you the nitwit who raises your hand in every, single class to talk about your experiences “working on the Hill” (as in, your three month college internship in…

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Ms. JD International Scholar Update: Joaninne Nanyange

Editor's Note: Joaninne Nanyange is a 2010 Ms. JD International Scholar studying law at Makerere University in Uganda thanks to the Global Eduction Fund.  Joaninne reports:Last semester’s holiday was very welcome since we had resumed it after a break of just two weeks. I looked forward to it and when it finally came, it got me very excited. I went home immediately and I could not wait to live a time table free life. About three weeks into the holiday I started missing my friends and hustle bustle of campus life.There was nothing much I was doing except domestic chores and…

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One essential trait of a leader is ... INITIATIVE

Editor's Note: This post was submitted in response to Ms. JD's She Leads essay prompt: "One Essential Trait of a Leader is ..." Ms. JD: She Leads will take place October 5, 2012 in Washington, DC and will feature keynote speeches from Marne Levine, the VP of Global Public Policy at Facebook and the DQs.  To learn more about Ms. JD: She Leads and to register, click here.As a current WCL student, I find it appropriate that this year’s She Leads conference is being held at the first ever law school in America to be founded by and for females.…

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