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Ms. JD International: State Department, Part III: Foreign Service

Ms. JD International: State Department, Part III: Foreign Service The Foreign Service is the flagship arm of the State Department, and is an excellent career choice for Ms. JD Internationals seeking a career in the international sector. Ever dream about living an expat lifestyle? Attracted by the aura and mystery of diplomatic work? Want to represent the United States abroad? Then the Foreign Service may be for you. Whether you are straight out of law school or have been practicing for years, the Foreign Service is a great option to stoke your international interests and embark upon a diplomatic career.…

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Young Lawyers, Young Leaders Conference

The Women's Bar Association of Illinois invites all law students and attorneys to attend our spring law school event on Thursday, April 12, 2012, at Chicago-Kent College of Law. We will be hosting a panel event focused on leadership, and before the panel we are hosting a reception that will promote networking among law students and attorneys in attendance. The goal of this event is to provide law students and young attorneys with practical career advice and networking.5:30 - 6:30 PM ReceptionCocktail reception is open to law students and attorneys with complimentary food & drinks.6:30 - 8:30 PM Panel Discussion: Young Lawyers, Young LeadersPanel…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Best Friends at the Bar: Is Going to Law School Worth It?

Editor's Note:  Ms. JD is excited to announce that Susan Smith Blakely, author of Best Friends at the Bar, will be speaking at Ms. JD: She Leads on October 5, 2012. This post originally appeared on the Best Friends at the Bar blog on February 4, 2012.You probably have read the stuff that has been floating around the Internet for the last couple of years on the topic of whether going to law school is worth it.  Above the Law will keep you pretty well informed about graduate law students suing their alma maters because they cannot get jobs, law…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Best Friends at the Bar: Networking Your Way To Success As Women Law Students and Prelaw Students

Editor's Note:  Susan Smith Blakely, author of Best Friends at the Bar, will be speaking at Ms. JD: She Leads on October 5, 2012. This post originally appeared on the Best Friends at the Bar blog on March 12, 2011.I recently attended a Prelaw Advisors Conference in Las Vegas at UNLV Law School.  The conference was sponsored by the Western Association of PreLaw Advisors (WAPLA), a subgroup of the National Association of Prelaw Advisors (NAPLA).  Because my book includes so much information for undergraduate women who are considering law school, this is a great market that I am just beginning to tap.  Not only did…

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What No One Tells You Before You Go To Law School: It Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard

When I look back on my law school "career," I realize I made things a lot harder than they needed to be. Sure, I did some stuff right, but I did a lot of stuff wrong! To help you avoid such a fate, I offer 10 suggestions for making law school easier: Worry less about class. Do I think you should go to class regularly? Sure – it’s a useful way to figure out what your professor is thinking. But try to stress out less about it! If you’ve done the reading, and are generally prepared, that’s enough. You’re not…

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Emily Rock

Montessori 1L: Law School and the Culture of Shiny

As with any new relationship, this one started out with a honeymoon phase.  “So nice!” I assured my parents.  “Really smart and interesting,” I told my friends.  “A little bit intimidating,” I confided to my boyfriend.      I'm talking, of course, about my classmates.  The first week of law school was like one long networking session.  After dozens of identical conversations, I thought about preparing business cards in lieu of dialogue, listing college attended, undergraduate major, job or fellowship or other post-undergrad feats.  I often felt inadequate: my Ohio State faltered in the face of so many Ivy alumni, my…

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Double Entendre

First of all - happy month of celebration, Ms. JD! ---What does it mean to be privileged? When I started law school, I would find words in my casebook readings, like “privileged,” that on first glance would jump out to me as my old friends from Women’s and Gender Studies classes in college. But then, ever-so-quickly, these sexy feminist theory meanings would vanish before my eyes, quickly morphing into their law school meanings. As I head into the second part of my second 1L semester, these terms have become first-nature to me. With the fear that I might forget what…

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Alice Shih

Northern Lights: One 3L’s Adventures in Overcoming Law School Doubts

Editors Note: This post was submitted by Alice Shih, a Ms. JD Fellow and 3L at Yale.  The Ms. JD Fellowship is the result of partnership between Ms. JD and the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession.  Fellows, who are rising 3Ls, are paired with an ABA Commissioner or Margaret Brent Award Winner as part of a year long mentorship.  Applications for next year's fellowship will be available in January.   As part of their fellowship, each Ms. JD fellow writes a post for the blog about an issue of importance to them.  Alice has been and active tutor and…

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Ms. JD International Scholar Update: Gracious Atuhaire

 Editor's Note:  Gracious Atuhaire is a 2011  Ms. JD International Scholar studying law at Makerere University in Uganda thanks to the Global Eduction Fund. Gracious reports:I am GRACIOUS ATUHAIRE a beneficiary of FSI (MS.JD International Scholar) in my first year pursuing bachelors in law. I humbly appreciate the opportunity of being sponsored for my education. This has helped me to go on with my studies which I had no hope to attain as my mother was not in position to support me due to little income. As for now I no longer worry about tuition and am able to read comfortably.…

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Ms. JD International Scholar Update: Mary Nakale

 Editor's Note:  Mary Nakale is a 2011  Ms. JD International Scholar studying law at Makerere University in Uganda thanks to the Global Eduction Fund. Mary reports: I thank you so much for the scholarship you gave me. This scholarship has changed me from a nobody to a  someone. The first semester at Makerere University brought a lot of change in my Life. In semester one, I participated in all activities that took place at the school of Law. We have had several events which enabled me to interact with important people in Uganda who also passed via the school of Law. For…

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