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Suspended UConn law prof will return to work, but will not be allowed to teach feminist legal theory [Clippings]

Two weeks ago when law prof Robert Birmingham showed a clip from a documentary that contained an image of a scantily clad woman, he was asked to take an immediate leave of absence from the UConn School of Law. Now comes word that Birmingham will return to teaching in the spring--but he won't be allowed to teach his course in feminist legal theory that had been previously scheduled.Read the original news of his suspension here and the follow-up about his return here [via]. What do you think? Does the sanction fit the crime? Was there any crime?

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The other women’s career

Reading many of these discussions about women dropping out of the legal profession, especially out of big firms, inspired me to look up statistics on women law professors, which as we know are only slightly easier to find than women Senators. If wanting to be a good mother is driving women out of legal practice, how does that explain the shameful dearth of female law professors, particularly tenured ones? An academic schedule seems much more conducive to having a family, and might, in theory, be more about intellectual achievement and less about the aggressiveness that we associate with large firms.…

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