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The Influencers: (She was a) Frontier Justice

Some people might dispute whether Esther Hobart Morris was actually a judge. Technically, she was a Justice of the Peace and a non-lawyer to boot. But she was hearing cases before the first women law students had entered law schools. I’d say she counts.  Judge Morris’s life reads like a John Ford western. As I learned more about her, I pictured Harry Carey, Jr., as her hard driving, hard drinking husband and the inimitable character actress Marjorie Main as the judge herself, loud spoken, sarcastic, and a little rough around the edges - just like you might expect of a woman who…

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Desiree Goff

Decoding the Language of Inventorship and Why it Matters

I was recently asked by a client what classifies one as an inventor. This can be broken down to the technical elements and definitions including conception, reduction to practice, collaboration and contribution to claims. But what struck me about this question is that subjects which seem obvious to us as attorneys are often complete mysteries to our clients. It takes recognition and effort on our part to break down the shroud of legalese that can pervade our profession in order to help them.  Any profession has a certain amount of definition-based language, which once understood, helps those not trained in…

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Keeping it Social! Using Social Media to Stay Connected: A Q and A with Tiffany Blackmon

For most of us, social media has already permeated many aspects of our lives, from identifying meals that are Gram-worthy to trying to figure out what new Tik Tok dance everyone is talking about. Others are starting to discover new ways to stay connected while we physically distance. I admit that I have been a casual social media user who often finds herself identifying missed opportunities for development. For this post, I chose to connect with someone in my network who has identified how to best leverage social media platforms for her. This month, we will hear from Tiffany Blackmon,…

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How to learn anything online?

Last time I wrote about some of my favorite learning and brain training resources, now it’s time to check out some learning platforms for more specific knowledge. Again, I know this is not for everyone, I acknowledge those who are busier than ever this time around and hate these kinds of posts, please bare with me (although the sources in my previous post about learning how to learn could be useful for teaching kids too). But then, some of us are stuck at home with more time on our hands than usual, for whom reading, writing, learning or being creative…

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Join Ms. JD for a Global Day of Unity - May 5, 2020 #GivingTuesdayNow

On May 5, 2020, people all around the world are coming together to tap into the power of human connection and strengthen communities at the grassroots level. Will you be one of them? We will be one of those participating organizations and we need your help! By joining the #GivingTuesdayNow movement, you’re proving that in times of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together.  Here is how you can get ready to give: 1.    Give. On May 5, go to and donate. It is Ms. JD’s great desire to continue to support the advancement of women in the…

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Ms. JD Announces New Board Leadership and Members

Ms. JD is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors recently elected a new slate of officers and welcomed five new members. Leading the Board is newly elected chair, Maleaha Brown, who is an attorney at Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. “It’s an exciting time to be stepping in as Board Chair,” said Brown. “During my tenure as Chair, Ms. JD will be celebrating its 15th anniversary and the Board is energized by Ms. JD’s growth and enthusiastic about our future.” Brown is the fifth Board Chair in Ms. JD’s 14-year history. She became involved with the organization…

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Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit: Maximizing Opportunities, Maintaining Productivity & Exercising Good Judgment in Challenging Times (4/21)

Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit Webinar Series "Maximizing Opportunities, Maintaining Productivity & Exercising Good Judgment in Challenging Times"  with Debbie Epstein Henry, Founder of DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing & Executive Consultant of Axiom Register today at

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Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit: Self-Care During Self-Quarantine (4/16)

Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit Webinar Series "Self-Care During Self-Quarantine" with Jeena Cho, Lawyer, Author & Mindfulness Instructor Register today at

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Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit: Bar Exam Preparation During a Pandemic (4/14)

Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit Webinar Series "Bar Exam Preparation During a Pandemic" with Keriann Stout, Owner of Vinco Prep, LLC Register today at

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Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit: Cultivating Relationships from a Distance (4/9)

Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit Webinar Series "Cultivating Relationships from a Distance" with Monica Phillips, President of Spark Plug Labs Register today at

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