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Millennials May Soon Be Calling On Financial Advisors

Financial news reports don't always mention Millennials prominently. Other than stories of young persons driving tech stocks up and supporting the market with spending, Millennials and finance don't seem to go together. Just because the news doesn't wholly report on something, however, doesn't mean nothing occurs. Millennials, like other people, do want to maintain financial security. While the young aren't always known for fiscal prudence, a decent number of young people understand the best way to plan for retirement involves planning as early as possible. Speaking with a financial adviser does help the cause of safeguarding and growing money.  …

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Lawyering in a Crisis: What Five Puerto Rican Women Did in the Aftermath of a Major Hurricane

Imagine living with no power for 10 months as a result of two major hurricanes and having to prepare for a third one. Or imagine being grateful for having your power back after 6 months but still having a blue tarp for a roof. That was the reality for thousands of Puerto Ricans this week when Beryl, the first hurricane of the season, formed in the Atlantic. I think we can all attest to the gut-wrenching feeling of anticipation the day we were expecting Hurricane María last year. Gazing out the window with my sister at 5:00 am still feels like yesterday,…

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Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

Achieving a law degree is no small feat. The schooling is difficult and requires you to study hard and work harder. The benefit, however, is that a law degree allows you to pursue nearly any career path you want. Here are a few of the most common careers you can choose from. 1. Law Firms Perhaps the most obvious choice is a law firm. Working as an attorney has its benefits. Not only does it pay great, but you're actually able to utilize the education you received in school. There's a number of different fields within the firm from which…

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Is It A Fit? Finding A Firm That Works For You As A Working Mother

You’ve made it out of law school. You’ve passed the bar. Now, you’re ready to practice – but where? The fact is, as a woman in the legal profession, finding a position where you’ll have opportunities for growth can be a real challenge. The fact is that as a woman, you can get in the door, but, as a study by the American Bar Association demonstrated, women make up 45% of associates in private practice, but only 18% of equity partners. Something is keeping women from successfully climbing the career ladder. Luckily, finding a practice that’s a good fit for…

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How Tech Facilitates Compliance With Regulations

Regulations for businesses can be pretty tricky to navigate. In order to avoid common pitfalls and legal risks, using tech can be a huge boost for efficiency. Here is how technology helps keep everything in check:   News Feed Apps Understanding what kinds of changes are taking place in a specific region is crucial. However, it can be a pain to visit government website and read through their posts. However, with news feed apps, you can aggregate this data so you can see any changes in one place. Most smartphones have a news feed app pre-installed, but there are other…

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Jannet M.

The Barred Life: A Series of Indefinite Length - Part II

PART II Lessons and Realities from the Pass List   Let’s get housekeeping out of the way. If you read my last post you know I took the California February bar exam and I was waiting for my results. So here’s the update: I didn’t pass. I sat on my living room floor with my laptop on my thighs. After navigating to the Cal Bar website, I carefully typed in my applicant number. Then my file number. I scrolled through and didn’t see my name on the pass list so I refreshed the screen. Again, I very carefully typed in my…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Women Lawyers and Lawyer Couples

Two-lawyer households:  I know a little about those.  My husband and I graduated two years apart from law school, and the following 40-plus years are history.  Not only the history of our two careers and more than three law firms and public service for each of us, but also the history of a couple and a family --- which now includes two children, both of them lawyers.  As we prepare to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary, I think you could say that it worked for us.  But, it was not easy. First, there were the years when our two careers…

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Doctors v. Lawyers

Because of my disabilities, I spend an inordinate amount of time with doctors. It’s not unusual to have four medical appointments in one week. As frustrating as my illnesses are, the interactions I have with doctors are often more demoralizing than the conditions they treat me for.  And I think that my law degree has something to do with the horrible way I feel after each doctor’s office visit. The common assumption is that because I have a law degree, doctors are more cautious with my care because they fear I will sue them. My experience has been quite the…

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The Legal Side of Delivery Business

A delivery business is a good venture that brings good money to the table. Customers now seek third parties or other services for delivery services as they try to save time on other activities. A good example is the food delivery services which are becoming more popular in the US. The demand for vegan food delivery, aesthetic meals and fresh ingredients is on the rise. Before you get started on a delivery business, several legal factors are taken into consideration. Here are some of the legal factors: 1. Legal Decision Before any start of a business, a proprietor(s) should decide…

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How to Be a Slightly Happier Lawyer

We often live our everyday lives in a blur. With smartphones, caffeine, news, and emails, we can move from our day-to-day existence without noticing what is around us. We often don’t take the time to look at people in the face or really to gaze into their eyes. I have seen this so often at the law firm where I work. One associate I observed glancing at his phone on the way to the bathroom, on the way down the elevator, out in the lobby, and into the street where we were headed to hunt for lunch. People avoid my…

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