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Part VI in Series: A Junior Associate’s Networking Plan

I am short on time and energy today so I am skipping to Part VI of my seven part networking series to share with you today, my Online Networking Plan. I'll have to admit upfront to be woefully behind the power curve on on-line networks. As a member of Gen X, I missed the boat that was MySpace and was a late joiner on other online networks as well. I reluctantly became a member of facebook in 2007 just because I repeatedly got friend invites from it and signed up just to have a shell of a presence so that…

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Speaking Salary

In her recent New York Times article, Girl Power at School, but Not at the Office, Hannah Seligson discusses the "new arsenal of skills" that women need to succeed in the workforce. She suggests that letting go of perfectionist tendancies and creating professional networks are two critical skills to success. Additionally, to keep up with the old-boy's club, women need to start "speaking salary." Young women also need to learn how to speak salary, a language that many men already seem to know. Coming into the work force, I thought that, just as my professor had given me the grade…

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A Book Review on a Great Find: “View from the Top: Q&A with Legal Women Leaders”

I was in the firm's library the other day looking for a securities law practice guide when my eyes were drawn to the following title: View from the Top: Q&A with Legal Women Leaders. It is a book in the Vault Career Library and just happened to be on the shelf across the aisle from the corporate securities collection. What a lucky find! This book was published in 2007, so it is current and relevant. It consists of interviews with over 100 women at the top of the legal profession, leaders at law firms and as general counsel at companies…

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Ms. JD

The Power of Storytelling in Your Legal Practice

[Ed. Note: Paramjit Mahli, of the Sun Communications Group, and author of this article, is a former journalist who has worked with international news organizations including CNN Business News, and now helps small to mid-sized law firms get in front of their target markets effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously. Her job is to let the lawyers do what they do best – practice law – while she takes care of all their public relations.] How do attorneys connect with their audience without losing themselves in legal-speak? The art of story telling can help lawyers communicate in a way that is captivating…

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Choosy Moms choose what?

I think I am jealous. I am jealous of all the mommies that knew they wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I am also jealous of all the mommies who knew that they wanted to go back to work. I feel bad for the mommies who want to stay home, but have to work, and for the mommies who want to work, but have to stay at home. I am none of them. Tomorrow is the last day of my life as a stay-at-home mom. Well, a quasi-stay-at-home mom. My last day to plan out a day with my kids…

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Another Book You Can Skip—Full Disclosure: the new lawyer’s must-read career guide

Sorry to report that I have wasted my money on another lawyer career guide that wasn't worth it. This book full disclosure: the new lawyer's must-read career guide is just not good. One the cover it says "An indispensible mentoring guide for young lawyers and those about to enter the practice of law". That statement couldn't be more wrong. First, the book is very dispensible. In fact, the information offered by this book is dispensed by every would-be career counselor and advice-giver out there; it is information you can generally glean from life's experiences if you are even a little…

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Women Supervisors: The Danger of Micromanaging

Lately, I’ve started to wonder if women are more likely to be ineffective managers than men. I think, after mulling it over for a few days, that women (who we already know have to work harder to get into positions of power) might have perfectionist complexes that go past the objective and into the subjective, which might make them difficult to work under. For example, I have a friend who has been complaining to me about his boss (a woman). He says that she likes to be kept “in the loop” on everything he does, including minor emails, and that…

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Caroline Conway

Seeking A Just Balance: Law Students Weigh In On Work and Family

A Better Balance: The Work & Family Legal Center is publishing a study, Seeking A Just Balance: Law Students Weigh In On Work and Family. The study is a survey of NYU law students and their expectations around work/life balance. Generation-Y lawyers – American men and women born between 1978 and 1998 – are extremely worried about these issues and are willing to trade money for time. The demand for work/life balance is greater among both men and women than in the past. Family life is a high priority for today’s young attorneys, and they do not want to make…

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Elizabeth Peck

Why Do We Need Women’s Bar Associations?

Elizabeth K. Peck is President and Co-Founder of the Finger Lakes Women’s Bar Association and the Director of Career Services at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, NY Why Do We Need Women’s Bar Associations?I asked myself this very question 18 months ago. Back in October of 2006, along with 300 other women attorneys in my area, I was invited to breakfast by the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY) to discuss starting a new chapter of the organization. Honestly, I had no interest then in a “specialty bar.” What I did have, however, was interest in meeting…

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Trading SAHM for SWAT?

There's a new article by Sue Shellenbarger in the Wall Street Journal that highlights an interesting trend:The decision among some highly educated women to stay home with children is sparking a countertrend: The rise of the mommy "SWAT team." The acronym, for "smart women with available time," is one mother's label for all-mom teams assembled quickly through networking and staffing firms to handle crash projects. Employers get lots of voltage, cheap, while the women get a skills update and a taste of the professional challenges they miss. This article seems mostly applicable to the MBA crowd, but similar things are…

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