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Best Free Online Project Management Software

CaseCamp Promo Video Project Management Software, keeps people on the same page working toward a common goal: finishing a project together. Let’s face it, it is not an easy task to supervise a project as you have to keep track of a lot of things. To begin with, a good and thought out work strategy always helps in keeping the project going at a smooth pace but somewhere down the line, managing everything becomes too much to handle and hinders the productivity of the team. That’s why Project Management Softwares are popular as they facilitate management and productivity. Project…

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Bar Prep with a Family

Studying with a toddler has been a bit of a challenge. Most people have the opportunity to do homework in the early evenings or on weekends. In fact, I even had that opportunity during my first year, while pregnant. But now, early evenings at our house are dedicated to dinner with the family, bath time, bedtime routine, and extra snuggles. Weekends are usually out as well because it is the only time we have to spend together as a family. That leaves late evenings to do homework. My son usually goes to sleep around 8pm these days. Usually. As he…

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Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law

October Mantra: I will reap my harvest gracefully without diminishing my accomplishments or work. October is harvest time.  It is a time to reap the benefits of seeds sown long ago.  But are you basking in the bounty?  We’ve all said it on the heels of a compliment following a major success.  “Oh, that was nothing.”  But you know what?  Yes, it was something and in many instances it was a whole lot of something.  Don’t get me wrong, grace and humility are important; however, we need to stop diminishing our accomplishments and learn to shine in our successes. Several…

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Relevancy of Linguistics: Power From Categories

INTRODUCTION At its core, feminism is equality for women. There are different forms of feminism each uniquely named and categorized by how a person defines equality and the route a person utilizes to achieve equality. These names and categories quickly identify a person’s beliefs as it relates to women’s rights. Ultimately, recognizing common ground and subtle differences enables groups to form and work towards achieving a unified purpose--whether that purpose is short term or long term. This article discusses the power of linguistics, the likelihood that you are a feminist, and why different categories of feminism matter—especially to lady lawyers.…

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Breaking the Ice: 8 Conversation Tips for Your Next Networking Event!

Networking events can be a pain, especially if you're not comfortable in a room-full of strangers. However, networking remains crucial to attorneys in that they get to access information about jobs and current developments in their field. Networking also helps lawyers meet potential clients and peers. That being said, merely attending a networking event won't make the tide turn in anyone's favor. You have to work to make the event work for you! So if you're an introvert or simply bad at striking up a conversation and holding it, here are some tips to help you break the ice and…

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Put the Kids First During a Divorce

As a legal professional, you’ve probably seen your fair share of messy divorces, even if family law isn’t in your area of expertise. It’s tough on everyone, especially kids when they’re involved. As you go through your own divorce with kids in tow, make sure your kids come first. Divorce Often Hurts Kids the Most An overwhelming amount of research reveals that kids are usually the innocent victims of divorce. “Parents, who have given the children life, are perceived by the children as very competent people with supernatural abilities to meet the needs of the children. No problem should be…

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The Fear of the Unknown

I started taking my son to an early learning center when he was three months old so that I continue going to law school. He has attended that same school since and is now two and a half. That first day was rough. So rough, that I made my husband drop him off and I still cried. I will never forget it. But the tears were short lived because I knew it was the right thing to do. I knew that I was doing something that would benefit my family in the long run. I also knew that I was…

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The End of Summer and Feelings of Inadequacy

The past two months passed by quickly. The last vestiges of summer is here, with a new school year to begin in four days. My oldest will be starting 3rd grade, while my other two will remain home for awhile longer. It is quite possible my second will be starting pre-school in January. It depends on whether there is space for him. As summer ends, I feel remorse and regret. Not because I did not take the bar. More so that I feel I was not ‘good enough’ as a mother to my children. Every year, there are certain annual…

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My Shema [A Poem for DACA & A Promise to Defend]

My Shema-Call to Prayer   When the neo-Nazis came for my city, I looked out And saw people passing out yarmulkes I cried tears of happiness, relief,  as I gripped my Star of David Given to me by my Episcopalian father, a sign of Tolerances over differences My ancestors fled Europe because their own homes Didn’t want them They wanted something better A job where they could work without ridicule, harassment or persecution. Sound familiar?   We defend the right to move The right to avoid death The liberty to be you Whatever that means Wherever that is When Tuesday…

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The Tech Revolution Is Changing The Legal Field, And We Need To Respond In Kind

The technology revolution of the last half a century certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyday life is notably different for everyone. Big data and the IoT (internet of things) have created an interconnected network of devices that puts just about everything we need right at our fingertips. No one under the age of 60 has managed to escape the changes the tech revolution has spurned, including JDs. It’s no doubt that big data is already affecting the way we practice law: from more accurate client billing, to improved document reviews, to marketing analytics, law firms are taking advantage of the advances…

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