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Power in the Ballot: Vote to Make History

I am a week behind in my reading for Con Law, my laundry is piling up, I have grocery shopping to do, I have messages to return, and emails to send. But all this can wait while I go vote. I will cast my ballot, even if it means falling another day behind, even if it means waiting in line for hours, even if it means standing in the rain. Julie Albrecht Royce cautions that we not take our right to vote for granted: Your odds of an IRS audit are 175-1, of having your identity stolen 200-1, of a…

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Book Review: Play Like a Man Win Like a Woman: Gail Evans

I recently heard Gail Evans talk and she was great. Her talk was inspiring and also very practical and prompted me to finally read her book, Play Like a Man Win Like a Woman. (It is currently only $10.17 on Amazon!). At the end of the book, Ms. Evans writes, "This book is about learning to make noise, and also, learning to make choices. Think of my advice as clothes you are tyring on. Does the rule fit? Do you look good in it? Is it you?" I highly recommend this book to Ms. JD's readers. It is short and…

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Inbox Full

I have three email accounts--a personal account, a work account, and a school account--and every weekend it is my goal to empty out the inboxes. I want to achieve email Zen by responding to every query and finishing every task.I never reach this goal. Dealing with email adds hours of extra work to my week. While I appreciate the convenience and practicality, the sheer volume often feels overwhelming and unmanageable. I waste a lot of time on email.I know I'm not alone: In a study last year, Dr Thomas Jackson of Loughborough University, England, found that it takes an average…

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Ms. JD

Call for Submissions: Gender Diversity: Have we solved the problem? If not, where do we go from here?

The ABA Commission on Women in the Profession announced their 2008 Video/Essay Competition: Put your video and writing skills to work! Create a 3-minute YouTube video and/or craft a 6-page essay to tell us what you think about Gender Diversity: Have we solved the problem? If not, where do we go from here? Open to young lawyers and law students, winners will receive $500 and award winning entries will be posted on the Commission's website. Entries must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. Central Time on December 31, 2008. Click here for more information and contest rules. Questions? Contact Barbara Leff…

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Working Moms as Role Models: Part I—Role models for our kids?

A long while ago I wrote a post about the idea that working moms are role models for their children and about the judging that goes on between women including the battles being fought in the, so called, "mommy wars". Well, I have some updates and some additional insight on the issue that I'd like to share. First, I was recently amazed at the fact that my 5 year old daughter is completely oblivious to gender roles. I now think that this is partly due to the fact that I am a lawyer and have always worked full-time. I now…

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Call for Papers: Applied Feminism: How Feminist Legal Theory is Changing the Law

The University of Baltimore School of Law is hosting their Second Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference in 2009. The conference, which will bring together law students, legal academics, practitioners and activists, "will look at discrete areas of the law and ask how feminist legal theory operates or could operate to expand existing law, create new law, or combat contractions in the law." This conference will address these issues from the perspectives of activists, practitioners and academics. The conference will provide an opportunity for participants and audience members to exchange ideas about the current state of feminist legal theory by looking…

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What is Dental Abscess?

Are you finding some information about dental abscess? If yes then you are reading the right article. This article can give you enough information about dental abscess it`s symptoms and treatment. Dental abscess is formation of pus on the tip of the tooth. The main cause of this infection is always a bacterium. The first symptom of the abscess is throbbing pain around the infected tooth. The infection originates from the soft pulp of the tooth. There are many conditions which can lead to formation of an abscess. Some of the conditions which are related with this disease are untreated…

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Is Toe Cleavage Unprofessional?

Over at Women Lawyers Back On Track, there's an interesting post on something I admit I never even considered: is it unprofessional to wear shoes that show "toe cleavage"? As reported by the Memphis Daily News, a group of 16 judges and attorneys met at the Tennessee Supreme Court to discuss a dress code for attorneys. The meeting "included an impromptu modeling of shoes to determine if either pair represented 'cocktail shoes,' and if they did, whether they were inappropriate or disrespectful to the courts. It also included questions about how much arm is too much for a woman to…

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Ms. JD

New Talk Conversation Announcement: What is the role of the courts in making social policy?

New Talk is a new online forum designed to tackle tough policy issues directly, with ongoing commentary from leading experts and policymakers on the frontline of said issues. The next question to be addressed by New Talk is, "What is the role of the courts in making social policy?" The conversation begins Tuesday, July 8th and runs through Thursday, July 10th.Experts scheduled to participate in this next conversation include: Michael Traynor, President, American Law Institute; Lord Hoffman, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary; Kenneth Feinberg, Principal, The Feinberg Group; Theodore H. Frank, Director, AEI Legal Center for the Public Interest; Mark…

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I am a Feminist Because ...

I am a Feminist because I believe in gender equity. While acknowledging that there are real and perceived differences between men and women, I don't believe these differences justify disparities in their treatment. I think it's important to explain why I am a Feminist because a lot of people associate Feminism with other values - with extremism, with elitism, with activism, with exclusivity, with anger. There are famous Feminists who have visibly advanced those values: abolitionists, prohibitionists, suffragists, etc. Many were brave and pioneering. Many were controversial. Many made mistakes. I know that I invoke their memory when I adopt…

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