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It’s easier because of those who’ve gone before me

Here I am, five weeks away from exams and the end of my 1L year. I’m having trouble getting motivated to do all of the work I know I should be doing. I’m behind on my outlines, and I haven’t done enough studying to prepare for the exams that will be here before I know it. I’m not a slacker, but it’s hard to find the energy to do much more than get my reading done for class at this point. Working full time and going to class part time can be draining. Sometimes it helps to put it all…

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Ask a Mom in Law School: Balancing Schedules, and Interviewing

Cross-posted at (Formerly) Knocked Up (and in Law School): Spring Break has come to an end!  I'm now seven weeks away from completing my JD, and I have a rambunctious toddler who will be reeking havoc at graduation.  Life is good.  So, I've been asked to impart more wisdom concerning being both a parent and a law student.  Readers have asked both about balancing schedules while in law school as well as when to talk about your kids. 1.) Do you have any tips for balancing law school and family life? How do you schedule your day? Like a true…

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Family vs. Law School

OK, I have to somehow vent this stress I've been carrying around for the last several weeks. I work full time and go to law school at night. The stress of law school is enough by itself, but with family pressure, I'm feeling a little crushed. My husband is going to be away for a few hours this weekend. I reminded him that I have a Legal Writing assignment due next week, and I got a dirty look. It's the same attitude I got when I came home last night, said hello to everyone, and started reading. I figured I…

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Single Mother Perseveres to Earn Law Degree

The Witchta Eagle rencently ran an inspriring story about a single mother who overcame adversity to become the eighth African-American member of the Wichita Bar Association. Latina Alston is not yet 30. She has three children out of wedlock with three fathers, two of whom have not helped much with the kids. She raised the children in poverty all their lives. That's about to change. Latina's story goes beyond absent fathers, food stamps and welfare checks. Overcoming poverty, stress, guilt, heath concerns, and potty training, Latina passed the bar in 2008. In the 19 months since she returned to Wichita,…

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Equal Justice Works on Student Debt

Ed. Note: The following post will be of interest to Ms. JD readers entering law school, attending law school, or those readers already working. Whether a student, an attorney at a private firm, or an attorney working for government or a public interest organization, the following links provide information to those readers about planning for student loan debt and the pay-back process. Several recent posts on Equal Justice Works discussing student loan debt caught my eye: Equal Justice Works and American University’s Washington College of Law have teamed up to launch an all-new podcast: The Student Debt Relief Series. The…

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Ms. JD

Will BigLaw Embrace Grade-Less, High-Pedigree JDs?

Ed. note: The following article comes to Ms. JD courtesy of author Michael Estrin and They interviewed a number of hiring partners at major U.S. law firms, who expressed concern about decisions by Harvard and Stanford law schools to switch to a pass/fail system. This article might be of interest to many Ms. JD readers, especially given past issues and discussions concerning the compatibility between current law school learning frameworks and female law students. Class rank is everything. It separates the future scholars from the posers; the potential Big Firm Partners from the 9-to-5 government slackers. If there were…

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Ask a Mom in Law School: The Possibility of Pregnancy

Cross-posted at (Formerly) Knocked Up (and in Law School): A new reader asks: I just found your blog after googling "taking the bar exam while pregnant." I'm not in law school, but I am in the dead middle of a PhD. What is your take on the possibility of being pregnant during a major exam (in my case my "orals"). Terrible idea? Disaster? Not as bad as it sounds? Just reading these comments on your blog makes me feel better about the prospect of pregnancy - so nice to see a bunch of women thinking about families and careers happening…

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Adventures in DC

I apologize for starting this blog so late into the summer (how does time go by so fast?!), but I still wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. This summer, I have had the pleasure of doing an internship at the National Disability Rights Network in Washington, DC. NDRN is a national, non-profit organization that oversees and provides legally-based advocacy services to people with a wide variety of disabilities on topics ranging from healthcare to employment to education, among may others. It has been an incredibly wonderful journey thus far, particularly since there has been several new developments…

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My Mommy Still Wants to Be a Lawyer

A little more than a year has passed since I posted my first story with Ms. JD. (see post here: ) Despite the time lapse, I did not forget about Ms. JD and she was never very far from my thoughts. But I felt that I had contributed all that was worthy at that time and I needed to wait to accomplish something more profound or at least survive my first year of law school before I decided to wax more poetic about law school.So what happened? Well, a lot. Some things changed, but many things stayed the same.…

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Center for Reproductive Rights and Columbia Law Announce New Fellowship

CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS ANNOUNCES NEW FELLOWSHIP WITH COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS LAW SCHOLARS NEW YORK–The Center for Reproductive Rights today announces a new fellowship with Columbia Law School for graduates pursuing legal academic careers in reproductive health and human rights. The Center-Columbia Fellow will be affiliated with both Columbia Law School and the Center, and will participate in the intellectual life of both programs. The Fellow will engage with the Center’s legal and policy projects, be a member of the Law School’s community of graduate fellows, and have work space at both locations. “We are thrilled to…

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