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Choosing a Law School

Law school is as much about receiving an education as it is about networking and making connections, both in the intellectual and in the career-building sense. Going to a brand-named law school will open doors by name alone. However, are these doors, traditionally ones that open and close for men on men’s terms (see any number of writings about the glass ceiling or pink ghetto), the doors that women want to travel through? In my own law school application process, I visited about ten schools prior to applying (ranging from top tier to bottom tier). Those visits inspired me to…

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Weekly MILS Roundup (Moms in Law School)

The Moms in Law School Roundup posts on Sundays, alternating between blogs by PT-law mom and A Little Fish in Law School (a/k/a butterflyfish). This week is MILS #32, hosted by PT-law mom. It's an easy way to keep up with (and join) a virtual neighborhood of moms in law school! Thanks to butterflyfish for the tip in the comments [on our previous article about MILS]. Happy Sunday, everybody!

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Meet Stephanie Enyart and the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities [Clippings]

This month's issue of Student Lawyer, the ABA Student Division's magazine, profiles Stephanie Enyart in the article "Tackling Law School as a Blind Student." She's a 3L at UCLA and founding president of the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities. One of the group's goals is to develop a set of best practices to provide reasonable accommodations for law students with disabilities. We here at Ms. JD are all about best practices and improving the profession, so I wish them the best. If you have suggestions or interest, please visit One of my classmates is blind (hi, T!)…

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Minority enrollment in law schools falters [Clippings] reports that "Minority Enrollment at Law Schools Is Faltering." Leigh Jones of the National Law Journal speculates that "rankings pressure and anti-affirmative action may fuel the problem."Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma all have initiatives under way to place questions on November ballots that would end programs that increase minority and female numbers in education and in government. [Emphasis added --Ed.]Vernellia Randall, professor at University of Dayton School of Law and author of the study America's Whitest Law Schools, fears "It's going to get worse before it gets better."

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Ruminations of a law school mama

I’m so proud of myself … I earned a place on the Dean’s list! While I don’t like to admit it, this is my first time on the Dean’s list and to be so highly ranked since High School. I have finally remembered how to work and study. Anyway, my academic accomplishment has generated another round of comments from fellow students, calling me crazy for trying to be a law student as a single mama. The most frequent comment though is “I don’t know how you do it, I can barely take care of myself.” Sometimes comparisons are added as…

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MILS = Moms in Law School

Saramel over at Reasonable Expectations has teamed up with A Little Fish in Law School and PT-LawMom to rotate a weekly roundup of blog posts by moms in law school (MILS). There are a number of excellent law student mom bloggers out there and this is a cool way to bring them together for your reading pleasure. This week's roundup is at A Little Fish in Law School but you may want to bookmark Reasonable Expectations because Saramel gives you the link to whichever blog is hosting the roundup for the week - and of course the links to previous…

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Call for Papers from JD Students - Yale Journal of International Law Young Scholars’ Conference

THE YALE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW ANNOUNCES ITS SIXTH ANNUAL YOUNG SCHOLARS' CONFERENCECALL FOR PAPERS FROM JD STUDENTSDeadline: December 10, 2007The Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL) is accepting submissionsfor its Young Scholars' Conference, which will take place on March 1,2008. The Conference aims to encourage scholarship in internationallaw among current J.D. students by giving them an opportunity topresent a paper and receive feedback from distinguished professors inthe field. The Conference will include panel presentations of studentscholarship, a roundtable discussion on careers in legal academia, akeynote address, and a closing dinner. Two of the papers presented atthe Conference will be…

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Jessica L. Burke

Growing up into a lawyer

As I edge towards entering the legal profession, I am consistently reminded that I am no longer a child. My high-backed leather chair, my bun knotted hair, and my black suit make me appear to be an adult. This summer I was thrust into the hectic world of legal aid. Unaccustomed to such poverty, anguish, and despair I have alternatively felt grave despair and waves of purpose wash over me. Rather than let the tides carry me away I fold them beneath and practice my professional face.This movement from girlhood to womanhood is slowly progressing. The first day was researching…

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Heather Aquino

My road is my own

We are sitting at the booth in the far right hand corner of the restaurant, our "usual" table we like to call it. It's been nearly seven years since high school yet the four of us still continue to request this table, just as we had when we were sixteen years old. I sit farthest from the wall, slowly sipping a cherry coke, looking at the faces of the women I have grown up with. Looking at my childhood friends. I am the last to arrive after my train was delayed 30 minutes at Penn Station, and by the time…

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Carol Simpson

Generation gap or gender gap? Mother and son enroll in law school together

Being an older woman in entering the legal profession has been an interesting experience. It is difficult to determine if my experiences are more a factor of my gender or my age, but I know that my experiences have been significantly different from those of my son, with whom I am attending the same law school in the same class. Having a background as a professor in another professional school dominated by women, I see considerable differences in how women are treated and welcomed to the profession.The first difference is in how novices are hired and trained. In my previous…

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