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Want To Be A Personal Injury Lawyer? Here’s what you need to know

A personal injury attorney is considered the civil litigator who represents clients -- commonly referred to as a plaintiff -- who alleges physical or psychological injury due to negligence or untoward actions by a person, employer, government agency, entity, or organization. Personal injury lawyers revolve in a field called tort law. The area of legality concentrates on private or civil wrongdoings, harms or injury, and damages that could incur nonmonetary or monetary compensations. This consists of defamation and action of awful credit or infringement of agreement into a person's name, rights, or property. While private injury attorneys are equipped with…

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What The LSAT Should Really Teach You

BE KIND TO YOURSELF The LSAT isn’t an easy test by any means. As you go through the gruesome practice tests and study hours only to receive a non-favorable score, it is crucial that you be kind to yourself and allow space for improvement. Improving your score on the LSAT will take some time. YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC LEARNING STYLE  There is no “one way” to study for the LSAT. Everyone has their own learning style and figuring out how you learn best could help tremendously with improving your study habits that are transferred to you improving your test score.…

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Networking Is So Important As A Pre Law Student

During my prelaw journey, I used LinkedIn daily. As a first-generation law student, there are so many nuances I do not know and connections I do not have, which is why networking is so important. LinkedIn provides quick access to members of the legal community that can help you foster connections throughout your legal career.  Update your LinkedIn.  Make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and reflects who you are and the work you have done. Before adding written content to your profile it is important to pick a good professional headshot as your profile picture. Profiles with good…

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Into the Legal World: Deciding What Type Of Lawyer Will You Be

It's your first day at law school, you have a lot in mind but your pure goal is to become a successful lawyer. Law aspirants and even established lawyers may struggle to decide what area of law they want to be an expert in. Going to law schools may spark your thoughts that you will eventually work in renowned and large firms practicing corporate law but the truth is that may not happen and you might be directed to another path.  We need to remember that all areas of the law are important and it comes in handy in different…

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The Best Career Advice I’ve Been Given: Watch Your Feet

I’m clumsy by nature. Not the cute clumsy, where you fall into a handsome man’s arms, but the stub your toe and break it kind of clumsy.  I quickly found that I could either live in steel-toed boots or watch my feet as I walked. My favorite summer sandals don’t come in steel-toed options, so down I look. Growing up, this was my parents’ greatest annoyance. They would take me to an art museum, and I would stare at my feet, to the beach, and I would stare at my feet, to a beautiful view, and I would stare at…

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Healing Hurt With High Heels:  How One Aspiring Law Student Helps Others Heal from Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, [1] so this article shares the story of a pre-law student who started her own nonprofit organization for survivors of domestic violence after surviving domestic violence herself.  I am honored to share this conversational interview I had with Ronshanda “Nikki” Chaney about how she found purpose from her pain and in turn helps others heal through her novels and organization, Heel My Heart.  --- Nikki, thank you so much for taking time to answer questions for me as the October member spotlight for Grace for the Grind™ Career Mastermind!  Let’s start off with…

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Stratus Admissions

Top 3 Cliches To Avoid In Your Law School Personal Statement

Editor's Note: All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.  You’ve taken the LSAT (and hopefully scored well), built a strong academic record in college and pursued internships that offered valuable life experience and prepared you for a career in the law. You are now ready to apply to law school. Bear in mind that law school Admissions Committees (AdComs) read thousands of these essays per year and come across the same overused themes and logical fallacies. When you begin to compose your personal statement, your mind blanks. You think to yourself, “I know that I’m an interesting…

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Stratus Admissions

Three Key Elements for a Powerful Personal Statement

Editor's Note: All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.  When a law school admissions officer reads your personal statement, what three words do you want to come to mind? Ideally, the classic triumvirate: passionate, tenacious and successful. There are multiple reasons why this traditional combination works and why it is so important to clearly establish these traits in your application to law school.​ Identify Your Passion. Everyone has something she is passionate about. If you are unsure of where or how to start your personal statement, this is a natural place. Whether your passion is in a…

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Join Ms. JD as our Social Media Coordinator!

Do you have crazy social media skills? Is your smart phone always ready to Tweet, Pin, and Post? Do you have a passion for women helping women? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be just the person we are looking for!  Ms. JD is seeking a part-time Social Media Coordinator to join us as an independent contractor to help build and manage our social media outreach strategies. As an independent contractor, the Social Media Coordinator will exercise her or his own independent judgment and discretion to support Ms. JD’s online presence. What will you be doing? As…

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Managing the Costs of Law School

The costs associated with seeking higher education can be astronomical. At this point in time, debt is an issue that plagues many students and their families. As the nation becomes more sensitive to the negative implications associated with student debt, it is essential to seek ways to keep the costs of receiving an education low. 1. Make sure you apply to law school early The majority if not all law schools have rolling admission. Rolling admissions means the law school evaluates applications as they are received and continue to evaluate applications until the seats are filled for the incoming class.…

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