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Priyanka Verma

Last Minute Law School Application Tips and Advice from a Soon To Be Ms. JD

Editor's Note: Ms. JD is please to be sharing some of our favorite pre-law posts! Have questions about law school or pursuing a career with a J.D.? Leave a comment below or tweet @msjdtweets & with the hashtag #msjdprelaw and engage with our community! Looking for more pre-law resources, check out Ms. JD's Pre-Law Prep Guide as well as the pre-law section of our blog! We all have those moments when we do not perform well on the LSAT exam as we expect, or have our grades fall short as the academic year is coming to an end. When law school applications have to be completed ASAP and you…

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The 2013 Ms. JD Fellows Present: Acing Law School

Editors Note: On Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 7pm EST, the 2013 Ms. JD Fellows hosted an open discussion of their e-book Acing Law School. Topics included, relationships and law school, law school admissions, mentoring, networking and more! Find out more about the 2013 Ms. JD Fellows here. Watch the hangout recording here! Submit your application to be a 2015 Ms. JD Fellow! Applications are due March 17, 2015, at 11:59pm. To learn more about how to apply to the Fellowship, see this blog post! Ms. JD Community: I write to share with you an exciting new e-book for current and prospective women law students.  The book is…

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Law School Advice I Never Got and Hindsight Recommendations

The best advice I never got relating to law school is that the best way to use a supplement is during the course not simply when studying for exams. Supplements can simplify topics covered in class and/or present the information in a different way. In reviewing the information from a different perspective a student can solidify what they know or realize what they don’t understand, and in turn seek help. What I recommend law students to do: 1. Once you get your course list, you should purchase the supplement for your courses, some professors feel comfortable recommending a supplement for…

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If I Knew Then…..What I Know Now….Law School Edition!!

Often times as a child, I remember being asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  My response never changed.  I always knew that I wanted to be a judge.  Teachers were boring, dentists were forced to look at millions of teeth, and doctors had to fix broken bones and get coughed on every day.  But judges, they got to wear a fancy robe and bang a hammer (gavel) on a desk and tell people to be quiet.  Or at least this is what I thought teachers, dentists, and judges did.  I planned my whole life around…

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3 Essential Tips for Women Embarking upon their Law School Journeys

FIND MENTORS OUTSIDE OF YOUR LAW SCHOOL EARLY ON As a woman, and especially as a woman of color, it is sometimes difficult to trust women within your law school who may be competing for the same opportunities. You may begin to doubt if such women have your best interests at heart, and peer mentoring can at times seem disingenuous. Moreover, 2Ls and 3Ls who may have not been accepted to the firm of their choice or may not have gotten onto the journal of their dreams may unconsciously discourage you from applying to certain opportunities. Since they could not…

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Best Advice I Never Got: Choosing the Right School for You.

The best advice I never received was “visit schools and take advantage of all the community contacts that schools provide you with before choosing a school.”  Coming into law school I knew that I wanted to practice public interest law, specifically doing government work.  This career path led me to look for public interest resources and support networks offered by each school and nearly every school has these resources.  My particular school offered a variety of resources on its website, however, if I had visited the school and made an effort to reach out to faculty and students I believe…

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Find Your Passion & Don’t Let Go

One piece of advice I got leading up to law school that I’ve dwelt on is this: If you plan on having kids, do it while you’re in law school. While I haven’t followed this advice yet, it has made me think a lot about what law school and a law degree does to people and to women in particular. During my conversation with this experienced attorney and mother I was warned that having children early in my career would set me back, and that professors are much more forgiving than partners. She told me that going to law school,…

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Why Love Is Not A Four-Letter Word In Law School

Editor's Note: This post is published as part of a series of works submitted by applicants to Ms. JD's 2014 Public Interest Scholarship Program. Each applicant was asked to describe the best advice they never got when it came to law school, lawyering, or public interest law. Applications for the 2014 Scholarship are now closed. For more information on Ms. JD's programs and scholarships, click HERE. “Here’s my best advice for you: Don’t fall in love.” This is what one of my friend’s mentors told her shortly before she began her first year of law school, and what my friend later related to me at the…

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3 Tips to Make Moving to a New City for Law School Less Stressful and More Exciting

Editor's Note: This fall Ms. JD will be launching a series of pre-law programming to further develop resources for pre-law women. In preparation for this launch, we invite you to share your pre-law journey or insights with the Ms. JD community on our blog! I am currently an Atlanta native, and I am about to leave my wonderful city and move to another wonderful city, Washington DC, to attend American University Washington College of Law in the fall. After you decide where you’ll be attending law school, if you find yourself with the task of moving, here are 3 tips to make this an easier transition.…

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Navigating the Stress of Law School Deposits: How to Choose the Best Program for You

The process of getting yourself to law school is extremely stressful at every twist and turn. The LSAT, applications, waiting on acceptances. For me, the most stressful part of my journey to law school was choosing the best place to put my deposit in, and ultimately deciding where I thought my time and money would be best spent getting my legal education. When you get acceptances, waitlists, and such, you may get lucky, you may get very unlucky, or things may shake out as expected. I fall in the latter category, which I considered lucky given that I didn’t send…

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