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What No One Tells You Before You Go To Law School: It’s Impossible to Know If You’re Making “The Right” Choice

A lot of people go to law school because they think it’s “the right” thing to do. Maybe they’ve always been argumentative, or never really liked math, or have a vague idea that a career in law would be exciting and lucrative (just like on TV!). Social pressure starts building, no entry-level jobs materialize, and – before you know it – you’re sitting for the LSAT! Things go pretty well, fee waivers appear, and, just like that, it’s time to start classes. Whoa, what just happened?!? Let’s take a collective deep breath, shall we, and back up. How can you…

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Myths and Realities about Pre-Law Education

Many young women fresh into their undergraduate careers do not know what to study or how their educational goals in undergrad will mesh with their goals of going to law school. I have seen my colleagues stress about LSATs as freshmen when most of us are unsure of what major we will even have! Below are some myths about the undergraduate education I feel should be cleared up for any aspiring female law students out there (the "0L's," as I refer to them) who are stressing early on about their post-grad studies. Myth #1: You should overload on pre-law courses…

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