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My Divorce Story and How I Survived

People from all walks of life have that longing of being attached to someone and be valued for who they are as a person. Man and woman are wired differently yet the desire of being connected intimately is inherent in the deepest core of an individual. Those who are seriously in love will consider marriage to make the union official, permanent and later on form a family that makes up a society. Marriage is a sacred covenant wherein two people publicly declare their union as recognizable by law, customs, and religious beliefs. It brings about euphoria but responsibilities are also…

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Violence Against Women During COVID-19 Times: What to do?

Your partner apologizes and claims that the hurtful behavior will not happen again; however, you fear it'll. Sometimes you wonder whether you imagine the abuse, yet the emotional or physical pain you feel is real. If it sounds familiar, you might be experiencing domestic violence. The UN has described the worldwide upsurge in domestic abuse as a"shadow pandemic" along with the Covid-19 pandemic. It has thought cases have increased by 20% during the lockdown, as many individuals are trapped at home with their abuser. Violence against women often results in injuries and acute physical, mental, reproductive, and sexual health conditions,…

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Never Again: Society Needs to Combat Gender-based Harassment

Every day, anyone could experience sexual harassment anywhere. Unfortunately, it continues to be a problem or an illness as common as the cold in the present time. And the virus responsible for this crime comes in various forms such as sexism, moral and cultural values, power relations, and psychological factors. It varies in every situation, but each case remains a violation of an individual’s rights.Women have become an incessant target of sexual harassment. Chilean President and former UN Women Founding Executive Director Michelle Bachelet remarked that women and girls remain as subjects to threats of violence and sexual harassment, whether…

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Important Ways to Volunteer and Empower Women of All Ages

For years now, we celebrated the various significant contributions of women from all around the world by dedicating one month of the year to it. However, stories that inspire and drive others to contribute to meaningful change need not remain within the 30-day period of the Women’s History celebration.   Here are some ways for anyone, anytime, to make a difference in and uplift the lives of young girls and women of all colors and backgrounds.   Empower Young Women   Being a role model for girls and young women is important. Whenever possible, empower them to be strong, independent…

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Feeling Frustrated? When and How to Stand Up For Yourself At Work

Are you a type of employee who goes to work confidently, demands a raise when deserved, and often takes advantage of vacation-offs anytime you want- congratulations on having a steel nerve and confidence! However, in reality, not everyone stands up for themselves at work, and most of the time, it's the other way around. It often feels scary, and all of the things mentioned above, for a regular worker, seems impossible to do.  If these things sound familiar to you and you've been dealing with all of these issues for the longest time since you got employed - you are…

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How To Avoid Harassment and Know Your Rights: The Fair Debt Collection Process

When many people think of the stereotypical debt collector, it's a hardened scoundrel of melodrama infamy that tries to throw widows and orphans into the lane, because rent is inflated. Although it's tempting to portray these people as shameful villains — and some of their behaviors were history's less than admirable — one thing is essential to remember: no one has to borrow money. Finally, it is because of the option of borrowing money that you owe a debt. Your creditor issued your loan or credit line on your guarantee of the payment of this loan. Your creditors have a…

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Gendered Justice: What Women Can Do To Survive A Criminal Charge

A Criminal charge could be everyone's nightmare, but things are just a whole lot different for women who got a criminal charge. In the United States, most crime categories arrests for women are lower than 20 percent compared to men. It's true that females have fewer arrest rates than males for all crime categories with prostitution as an exemption, this is a fact in all countries and backed up by reliable data on a historical period. That's why things are a whole lot worse if it's a female that got convicted with a criminal offense. The emotional, mental and psychological…

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We are the phanthoms . we are not supposed to be here

  We are the phanthoms.we are not supposed to be here by Dr ilise L Feitshans JD and ScM and DIR  In the middle of the spring semester of second year law school when students have often successfully adjusted to the rigors of a difficult almost military austerity and discipline regime one professor chose to rattle the box of security his students had constructed so very carefully I don't know why I am here teaching constitutional law professor Roy Schotland proclaimed in his squeaky unsettling voice. None of you are going to argue before the Supreme Court The year was…

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Healing Hurt With High Heels:  How One Aspiring Law Student Helps Others Heal from Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, [1] so this article shares the story of a pre-law student who started her own nonprofit organization for survivors of domestic violence after surviving domestic violence herself.  I am honored to share this conversational interview I had with Ronshanda “Nikki” Chaney about how she found purpose from her pain and in turn helps others heal through her novels and organization, Heel My Heart.  --- Nikki, thank you so much for taking time to answer questions for me as the October member spotlight for Grace for the Grind™ Career Mastermind!  Let’s start off with…

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Because Culture Shapes our Differences

One day when I was four or five  years old my father took a baseball out of my hands saying that I should give it to my younger brother and step aside to the nearby sidelines to watch without getting hit by the ball because “baseball is not for girls” . That one sentence changed my life irretrievably forever. My father and my grandfather loved me dearly from before my first breath until their last breaths departed decades later, so it was not an act of bad intentions or conspiratorial meanness with some evil goal and certainly not hate. If…

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