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What we’re taught about women who rise

I am often asked why some women have such harsh things to say about women seeking high political posts, and the few women in those posts. The more interesting question may be why so many people -- women and men -- support having a female leader.  After all, we've been taught to distrust and dislike smart, capable, women who seek leadership. Those of us born in the United States grew up in a country that has never had a female president. We are at the peak of female representation in the United States Congress, and 80% of our congressional representatives are male. For every…

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Women in the Law and the Areas that they Specialise in

Law has always until recently been perceived as an area which is dominated by the alpha male who typically makes a massive presence in the court room. In the 1950’s there started to be a steady trickle of women who came into the law. In the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s the trickle became much stronger and women started to dominate certain areas of the law such as family law (divorce), property law and employment law. Since the start of this century women have been entering the legal profession in record numbers. In North America women constitute approximately a half of…

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5 Lessons For #SuperwomenJDs From The 2016 Ms. JD Conference

On February 19, 2016, I attended my first Ms. JD Conference as a Ms. JD Fellow. The eighth annual Ms. JD Conference at New York University School of Law offered a wonderful opportunity to network with inspirational attorneys, law students, and pre-law students. Additionally, I learned a wealth of information from the esteemed speakers, regarding topics such as intersectionality, social media presence, and the advancement of women in the profession. As I reflect on the Ms. JD Conference on Women in the Law: Superwomen JDs, there are five lessons that I would like to share.   1) Strike your superhero pose. We…

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Recap: Ms. JD’s #SuperwomenJDs Conference

Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference on Women in Law took place on Friday, February 19, 2016 at NYU School of Law! If you couldn't make it to the event, check out the recap below. And stay tuned for some recap blogs!   [View the story "Recap: Ms. JD's #SuperwomenJDs Conference" on Storify]  

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Call for papers Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R&D

Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies R&D website: Publish original research projects in various fields of Humanities, Culture, History, Politics, International Relations, Education, Culture, History of Thought, Language and Literature, Economics, anthropology, business studies, communication studies, corporate governance, criminology, cross cultural studies,demography development studies, sociology....

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Lawyers Must Focus on Their New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Readers- Happy 2016 to you all!  I hope that your holidays were filled with much laughter, joy and memorable times with family and friends.  As we are well into January and celebrating Martin Luther King Day this week, it is a good time for us to reflect on our wishes and goals for the year. New Year's resolutions are top of mind, and we should all think about where we are headed in 2016.  In January 2012, I began writing my monthly column "Paradigm Shift" for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, and my first installment, which originally published on January 10, 2012, focused on New Year's resolutions.…

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Why More Women Need to Consider Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has long been considered by both those inside of it and those outside of it as a “boys' club.” It is so ingrained in American culture that law enforcement officers are men that the few women who do decide to join up and serve their communities are often met with resentment and have to deal with harassment and violence not just from citizens but from the men within their own departments. Those who stick with the job are rarely promoted to supervisory or high ranking roles. It’s no wonder that, according to a 2013 report, only 13% of…

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Finding Inspiration in the New Year

Dear Readers: I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. It is hard to believe that the end of 2015 is upon us, and the New Year is just around the corner. As we finish year-end client work and administrative responsibilities over the next couple of weeks, it is a great time for us to take a step back and reflect on all that we have accomplished this year, and what we have left unfinished; what we did well, and what we could have done better; what we have won, and what we have lost; and whom we have inspired, and who…

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Month 12: Go out with a bang.

By the end of the year at my previous job, I made up my mind to start my own firm. (See my previous post). All that was left to do was to announce my resignation. This was my first time quitting a big job (not counting times I quit my summer jobs when I was in high school and college) so I definitely needed to prepare what to say, although I would recommend in general that you should prepare for any type of meeting like this. It was a little tricky to schedule a time to sit down with my boss…

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The Magic of Professional Gravitas

Dear Readers- We are well into November, and the holidays are just a few weeks away. As we begin to develop our lists of goals and aspirations for 2016, it's a good time to think about additional ways we can make our mark with clients and potential clients. Being memorable and indispensable are key in these efforts. To that end, I wanted to share with you an article which originally appeared in August 2014 as an installment of my "Paradigm Shift" column in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about the magic of professional gravitas. In this installment, I explore what gravitas is…

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