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5 Things Busy Lawyers Can Do to Find the Time to Exercise

     Late last year, I started exercising regularly again after a long period of doing hardly anything at all. It wasn’t until this happened that I realized how much I missed physical activity. Law practice, after all, is not something that lends itself well to movement or even sensory stimulation. Instead, lawyers often spend long hours cooped up in an office and huddled over a computer or stacks of documents. We also tend to keep long hours, have little control over our schedules, and may feel at the end of the day like we have little else to give.…

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GCs for Less

“Nice girls” don’t talk about money.  But smart humans do, so we will. Money is how we show employees respect.  It is how we include people.  It is how we thank people.  It is how we praise people.  It is how we give feedback.  It is how we demonstrate we value someone.  It is the literal price-tag we put on their worth. A recent study (the BarkerGilmore 2018 In-House Counsel Compensation Report) informs us that female in-house counsel in 2018 experienced an equivalent-to-males 3.8% base pay increase.  But this same study tell us that female in-house counsel, on average, earn…

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Reaching Girls Early, Creating Stronger Women Lawyers

When I was a girl, I was told countless times that I should become a lawyer because I just loved to argue. This unsolicited career advice turned out to be well-placed. But I had no clue what lawyers actually did. Eventually, I was lucky enough to shadow a newer associate to get a small taste of the day-to-day of a litigator. I decided to go to law school which, fortunately, was a great choice for me.  Fast forward several years. I was asked to speak at my high school's career day. About 30 high school students - both boys and girls - listened…

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Interview with Recent Grad Alexa Galloway - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

I’m delighted to introduce Alexa Galloway, a recent graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law and former Law School Toolbox author. A former Cape Cod Baseball League field reporter, Alexa most recently worked as a Legal Intern for Santa Clara University Athletics. Hey, Alexa! Thanks for joining us. First and foremost, congratulations on finishing law school! What are your short-term and long-term goals? Alexa: Well, my short, short-term goal is to pass the bar. Following that, I hope to work in civil litigation and get as much trial experience as possible. By attending conferences and speaking with attorneys in the…

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Best Known Practices in Creating Supply Chain Contracts

Supply chains are vital in the development of a product right from the conception stage to the production, distribution, sales and up to the point where it gets to the end consumer. Despite the position that you hold in the supply chain, you need to make sure that everything flows well from to your point and from your point. Efficiency in supply chain management can only be achieved through the creation of contracts and rigid adherence to the specified terms and conditions of the same. Summary of the supply chain A typical supply chain will have the following players: Raw…

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A Refreshing Outlook on Compliance: An Interview with Alex Rakitin, CCO

Back in January, I shared my own professional journey in compliance for financial services.  Anecdotally, I’ve witnessed at least a 50% growth of compliance officer positions being filled by lawyers over the past 5 years.  Given the growth of JDs joining the field, I’ve sought out a fellow industry colleague to add an additional perspective.  Alexander Rakitin is Chief Compliance Officer of Perceptive Advisors, an investment adviser focusing on life sciences investments.  One of the biggest professional insults one can hurl at a talented compliance professional is that they are a bureaucrat.  If you are plugged into the business and adopt…

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Statistically Weeping: Summertime and Self-Care

During law school, the summertime experiences I had were pretty typical. A full-time summer internship at a public interest NGO, along with some writing for a brief I’d belonged to since my first year at school. I cannot overstate enough how incredible this schedule felt after a full-calendar, academic year. To the untrained eye, this looks like a normal work schedule. To a law student, this looks like sweet, sweet freedom. Why? If you are not taking summer classes, there is nothing to be done after work. There are no cases to read and brief. No drafts to edit. No…

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An Investment - In Perspective

I speak to a lot of lawyers looking to transition from the practice of law, and recently I’ve realized that the most important message for those transitioning professionals is not that transition is indeed possible, but rather to manage the expectations surrounding the transition.  Here are some common responses I hear when I tell my story - now with the perspective of a decade away from the practice of law - nearly a decade since I last worked at Skadden Arps.  There’s got to be an easier way to make a living. I just need to find a job where…

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Drive Your Journey: LinkedIn as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

As an attorney, it is likely that you are already familiar with and have created a LinkedIn profile. The question is: Are you using it to its full potential? If you are using LinkedIn simply as an online resume, you are missing out on the increasing value that LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn has continued to increase the features that can be used to help people to connect, build relationships, and access opportunities. As of the date of publication, below are some of the top ways to use LinkedIn to build a professional brand. Post. While LinkedIn may not be…

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Friend or Foe? Technology in Our Everyday Lives: Smart Homes

Innovations in camera technologies are wildly popular these days for convenience and amusement. For example, wired internet-of-things homes may use baby monitors and security systems with cameras that can be accessed remotely. Even pet cameras are increasingly popular because the products offer a pet’s view of the world while home without you. But despite the novelty and usefulness of connected cameras, these devices can also threaten personal privacy. "As the number of connected gadgets around your home increases, so do your chances of getting hacked.” To this point, everything from home security cameras to webcams can be compromised. “After all, Facebook founder Mark…

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