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Statistically Weeping: A Statement of Purpose

In my first installment of this column, I wrote about purpose. The first of many commandments for all law students - always remember your audience and your purpose. Of course, this concept goes beyond our legal research and writing. It can come into play through our work and experience in client representation and advocacy. I would argue this question is thought of in both public and private sectors. To some degree, we are always asking ourselves - who am I speaking to, and why am I speaking? After all, lawyers of every stripe have a point they need to make,…

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Sandra Day O’Connor: Jurist, Pioneer, and Lawyer Interrupted

With the news coming last week that Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping away from public life, much has been written about her brilliant legal mind, her momentous career on the Supreme Court, and her robust life following retirement from the Court, including founding of the group, iCivics, which promotes civic education in schools through free, educational online games. Not surprisingly, much of the focus has been on O'Connor's pioneering legacy as the first woman Supreme Court Justice. Suprisingly, however, little has been made of the fact that she is nearly the last Supreme Court Justice mom.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, known affectionately to…

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Sports Law Resources - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

My Fellow Sports Law Enthusiasts:  In doing research for this column and talking to sports lawyers, fellow students, and my career counselor, I've come across some helpful resources for those interested in SportsLaw. Here, I've compiled those resources, as well as a brief summary of what they provide.  Industry Insights Leveling the Playing Field podcast hosted by Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard provides in-depth interviews with women in the sports law industry, including upper-level management, CEOs, and journalists.   The Players' Tribune: Online media platform with articles and videos that focuses on athlete-created content. Uniquely presents issues from the athletes' perspective.  The White Bronco: Written by a team…

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An Interview with Small Business Owner and Real Estate Side Hustler, Marni Blank

I’ve devoted the past few months to various thought pieces on career planning for non-practicing JDs and even put together a quiz to figure out the best ‘JD Preferred’ path for you.  Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things by interviewing real people with real jobs.  When I first started this blog, I didn’t realize what The Ultimate JD Preferred Job would be (or if there is such a thing).  But after conducting this month’s interview it dawned on me – and seems obvious even in hindsight – that being a small business owner is the ultimate JD Preferred…

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First Generation Success Story: When Life Gets In The Way

   I want to address a very important topic that doesn’t always seem to correlate with law school: life. Despite popular belief, life continues on even when you enter law school. Your personal life does not cease to exist outside of the law school. People grow, things change, and life-altering events still happen. However, as a law student, you are stuck inside the four walls of your school just trying to survive each week. It is very easy to put yourself in a ‘law school bubble’ in which you focus all your time and energy studying (believe me, it is…

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Business Etiquette: Dining

Yes, it really is almost Thanksgiving!  As I think about the holiday season, I am excited to attend parties, client lunches and dinners with coworkers.  Lately, my lunch has been a sandwich at my desk or hot dogs at the ball park, so I definitely need a refresher on proper dining etiquette as the holiday season begins. Emily Post says “All the rules of table manners are made to avoid ugliness.  To let anyone see what you have in your mouth is repulsive, to make a noise is to suggest an animal, to make a mess is disgusting.”   Let’s be…

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How to Deal with Microaggressions as a Female Attorney

“Are you the court reporter?” After 3 years of law school, 2 bar exams, and a little over 1 year of practice, that was the question I received upon arriving at a deposition I was set to defend. It also happens to be the same question many other female attorneys get at depositions. The question in my case was, I believe, an honest mistake. Yet, the frequency with which it and questions like it are asked suggests to me that it is not just a mistake. Indeed, I have also been asked whether I “work for” an attorney, I am…

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JD Preferred Career Quiz

You know those quizzes in glossy magazines that promise to evaluate your personality and offer a tailored solution to any given problem according to your responses?  Well, this month I've created my very own 'JD Preferred Quiz' to help jumpstart your thinking on which career path suits you best in using your JD degree in a non-traditional way.  Whether you are still in law school but re-thinking the law firm path, or are a post-graduate lawyer thinking of doing something different with your law degree, this quiz can help narrow your frame of reference among the myriad options.  Ideally, your…

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Statistically Weeping: Having the Harder Conversations

Written experiences of depression and anxiety in law school are arguably few and far between. For me, that means being given a space and a platform from which to recount my own story is very important. As I’ve said before, once I began asking, so many smart, strong and successful people came forward to share with me their stories of mental illness. These stories made it easier to tell myself every day that I wasn’t alone. And over time, knowing that made it easier to let other people in. It gave me the confidence to be a little more honest.…

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From Paralegal to Associate: Happy Anniversary!

Last week marked exactly a year since I was sworn in as an attorney. I still remember the excitement mixed with the uncertainty of starting my new role as an attorney.  I had worked at the firm for 6 years as a paralegal.  How was I going to adjust?  Will the other attorneys remember that I am now a qualified attorney?  Would I still be treated as the paralegal?  What about the clients? So many questions running through my head, but one thing I knew for sure, was that I could feel the immense pressure on my shoulders.  I had…

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