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Swimming in Small Ponds:  Limited Resources

When I’m drafting a brief or other persuasive pleading, I like to throw in some unusual references whenever I can, in the form of obscure journal articles, treatises and other secondary resources that expand upon my argument.  I imagine that it makes me sound smart, or at the very least befuddles my opponent.  Unfortunately, those items are often unavailable when you are two hours away from the nearest law library.  Even small libraries are very expensive to maintain for an attorney, as well as electronic research.  However, a lack of research materials is the least of the problems concerning resources…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: Cold Weather Running

Every year, I look forward to the time of year when the air dries out, the temperature drops, and I get to break out my running pants and long sleeved shirts.  After four months of unbearable heat and humidity, it’s finally cold out.  Not just cool enough to run without feeling like dying, but cold out.  Have to run to warm up cold.  Come home with your nose red and runny cold.  It’s probably really weird coming from somebody who spends the rest of the winter wearing a fleece bathrobe AND a snuggie, but I love winter running.  And I’m…

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Mommy Law:  Lesson Learned

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you have to teach a child the same lesson several times before it really sticks?  Recently I was reminded that this truism applies to ME too. Many years ago I got my first job working as an assistant for a volunteer program.  In between photocopying and phone calls to volunteers, I chatted with my boss about life.  Most days she had some little nugget of wisdom to offer me.  One time I mentioned that I was feeling overwhelmed about getting started on a big project for school.  Her response was. . .well, obvious: “You’ve…

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Mikki Collier

Couture-At-Law: ‘Tis The Season: Dressing for the Office Party

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, many companies are starting to plan their annual office  festivities – which means, it’s time to set your office woes aside, come out from behind your desk and show some personality.  But letting loose a little doesn’t mean letting go—particularly when it comes to your wardrobe.  Your goal is to look savvy, sophisticated and festive, yet remain professional. The office party offers a chance to break out of your workaday rut and add some flair to your everyday ensemble.  With that said, remember that this is still a work function:  dress too sexy…

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This Is It: The Last Day to Apply to be a 2011 Writer in Residence!!

Do you feel your creative spirit fading as you work tirelessly to perfect your legal writing skills?  Do you miss composing prose that is not in the passive voice or that does not require bluebooking?  Would you like to  share your experiences as a woman entering the legal profession? Ms. JD is currently seeking law students and professionals to serve as 2011 Ms. JD Writers in Residence. The Writers in Residence program consists of a small group of columnists who provide monthly articles on a selected topic. The program launched last year and gave rise to some of Ms. JD's most inspiring,…

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Deal Makers and Breakers: “The Boutique Corporate Law Firm Founder and Managing Partner” - An Interview with Heather McCormick of Credo Law Partners

After a short hiatus, Deal Makers and Breakers is back! This month’s column features Heather McCormick, founder and managing partner of Credo Law Partners, a Los Angeles corporate law firm. Ms. McCormick has experience providing general business law representation to emerging growth companies, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and other corporate clients. She represents some of Los Angeles’ preeminent private equity funds, as well as the area’s upcoming technology companies. Scroll to the end of the post for Ms. McCormick's full bio.  Describe your education and early professional background.  As an undergraduate, I attended the University of Pennsylvania. When I…

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Frank Kimball

Excellence Begins With Shoelaces

One day a humble, quiet young man with what some called an unusual haircut and tremendous talent moved across the country to a great public university to join a team which had suffered through a disappointing season or two. In short order he re-started a tradition of unparalleled excellence. National championships came quickly. The young man became a legend in a city already full of giants - and was a wizard greater than the one Dorothy found in Oz. But what fascinated the media was the athlete’s obsession with shoelaces. .Because of my preoccupation with Michigan football you are forgiven if you…

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April Christine

The Prosecution Rests: Carmen Lineberger, Part II

Assistant United States Attorney Carmen Lineberger exemplifies grace under fire. A graduate of University of Pennsylvania and Temple School of Law, Carmen is not only a federal prosecutor, but also serves as President of the National Black Prosecutors Association (NBPA), an international association of Black law enforcement professionals. Part One of the interview is available here.  Part Two of the two-part interview in which Carmen speaks candidly about life outside of the office, becoming involved in other professional organizations, and what skills she believes make a good prosecutor. May the prosecution resume this witness.How do you keep a balance between…

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Small Firm Life: Salary Negotiation Tips

This weekend I did a presentation on the Wage Gap with the American Association of University Women (AAUW).  There are many factors that contribute to the Wage Gap between men and women, however, the purpose of our presentation was to assist women with the salary negotiation process.  Although everyone prepares for an interview, many people do not prepare when negotiating their salary.  It is very exciting to receive a job offer, especially in this economy, however, it is important to remember that the hiring process can be equally time consuming and exhausting for the employer.  When you receive a job offer, even though…

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The End Is Only The Beginning: Life in Six Minute Increments…Resource Attached!

Almost a month into work, the time crunching started.  When making plans last weekend, I caught myself trying to figure out exactly how long brunch would take.  Two people + sit down brunch + catching up after several months = 1.5 hours (or maybe 2).  Then that calculation got factored into everything else I needed to get done that day: 1 hour (walking dog) + 0.5 hour (yoga) + 0.5 hour (conversation with Mom) + 1.5 hours (trip to grocery store & Target on a Sunday, with the Oakland Raiders playing a home game) + 2 hours (laundry, cleaning apartment,…

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