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The End Is Only The Beginning: Resolve to Make Some Time For Yourself

Two full months into the New Year, I can barely remember the holidays.  It seems almost a lifetime ago, I was enjoying times with family and friends who I hadn’t seen since the last time I was home for the holidays.  Since then, I’ve reviewed countless documents, prepared privilege logs, drafted motions, written memoranda, filed an asylum application for my pro bono client…well, basically, I’ve been living the life of a first year associate.  Though things have been a whirlwind since the start of the year, I did find time to make a few resolutions.  I don’t normally indulge in…

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Guess Who Sold The Courthouse: Priorities and “Now For The Rest Of The Story”

I have to give credit to the great Paul Harvey for the subtitle.  If you don't know who that is, may I strongly urge you, encourage you, nay, advise you to find out about him before this day is through.  Click here to read how he played an important role in America's radio, communication, journalism, and media history.  In my opinion, Paul Harvey is an American icon and we won't see the likes of his kind ever again.But, back to the topic at hand:  Priorities, and the "Rest of the Story."Priorities are important.  They go hand in hand with time…

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Guess Who Sold The Courthouse: Time Management

Time management is very important for lawyers.  It’s important to know how to manage your time, particularly if you’re required to meet, (or even exceed?) a billable hours quota.  You have to know how to stay focused on the most boring medical records summary assignment that you have EVER received in your life, and not keep checking your phone for “tweets” instead.  You see, a few minutes for a small town lawyer is completely different than for a lawyer who works in a largely populated area.  I mean, it takes me all of three (count ‘em) three minutes to get…

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20/20 Reflections on Life in the Law: Top 5 Tips

My last few weeks have been absolutely filled with mentoring discussions both formal and informal, and I can’t wait to put my blogging pen to virtual paper and share the best of the best advice! First, the female leadership organization I currently help lead at our law school put on a week of incredibly successful panel and networking events.  Topics included the role of race and gender in negotiations, how to make the most of your law school experience, and keynote discussions with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and 7th Circuit Judges Ann Claire Williams & Diane Wood.  Then, I was…

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Will this be on the Exam? What to do now to succeed later

If I Shouldn’t Ask What Will Be On the Exam, How Do I Prepare? I will do my best to answer this question, provided that I am allowed to make some rather sweeping generalizations about law school classes and the exams that professors give.  In turn, I will provide some advice that will also sweep rather broadly, so please keep in mind that the best source of advice about a particular professor and a particular class is someone who has “been there, done that.” Prepare for class.  The important thing to keep in mind is that finishing the reading for…

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Breaking Chains to Build New Links for the Mediator and Law Professor

As many of you know, I have used this blog to profile various women and their approaches to networking and self-promotion as a way of considering whether networking and self-promotion varies depending on the legal career path you choose.  As we have learned, in most cases, moving from one career path to another really is really just changing the flavor of networking you do as well as the people you do it with rather than making wholesale changes in your networking plans.  As you may remember, I’ve looked at networking for government lawyers, in large law firms, in small to…

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The L Years: Stop the Second Guessing and Claim It!

Have you ever spent the day thinking that you’re not good enough? It’s funny because you do not even know what it is that you’re not good enough for.  But you just feel like you’re just not good enough. Law school will do that to you.  You are surrounded by all these people, half of them lying about who they are and what they do.  They lie about doing the readings, they are pompous because they probably got straight A’s (so they say), or simply, their parent’s are lawyers so they “know” everything.  The law school environment can be so…

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Networking: Personal Marketing at its Best

I have never liked being around big groups of people.  Citywide festivals and crowded concert arenas just are not my thing.  It took some time to figure out why this was the case because I do like going new places and trying new things.  However, there was always this constant anxiety that came along with these new adventures: There will be other people there and I might be forced to talk to them.  You see, the art of small talk was a skill I had not yet mastered.  The idea of going up to strangers and attempting to fain interest…

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Shadiyah Curry

Connections in the Right Direction: Business Cards

One very good way to disseminate your contact information to others and to get others’ contact information is by using business cards. I’ve polled many professionals on their feelings about business cards. While many of the “new school” professionals find business cards to be a waste of time considering the fact that we have address books in our phones and Facebook as our homepage, many “old school” professionals are still very firm believers in the business card. Should you have one or not? That is for you to decide, but I would say be safe rather than sorry. You do…

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