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The End Is Only The Beginning: ‘Tis the Season…for Bar Results

Over the past several months, Facebook statuses around the country have announced new members of state bar associations.  For many new lawyers, passing the Bar marks the culmination of years of hard work and commitment.  They’ve finally obtained all the credentials necessary to practice the profession they have chosen.  The only remaining step is being sworn in.However, as I prepared to update my Facebook status to announce that I had passed the California Bar, I was a bit conflicted.  On one hand, passing the Bar was a major accomplishment for me.  Being the first lawyer in my family, I took…

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Frank Kimball

What A Marine Pilot Told A New Wall Street Lawyer

In September 1977 I joined New York’s Shearman & Sterling as a new associate. We were paid $25,000 a year.  The toughest, smartest businessman I’ve ever known wrote me a note which I still have in a folder behind my desk.  He said “Congratulations on joining Shearman & Sterling. I’ve checked them out and it looks like a great place to start. But one thing Frank.  If when you get there they can only pay you $10-15,000 a year, keep the job because it is a good job.”  As a survivor of the Depression and the terrible recession that followed…

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Frank Kimball

You’re Not Networking - You’re Connecting

My New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is to banish the word networking. It’s become tiresome, predictable, and cliche ridden, conjuring up images of people working rooms, collecting cards, and investing way too much time in LinkedIn, Facebook, and updating the synch software on their Blackberry. The word for the new year is Connecting. Until you take the final step of connecting - personally, old school - the network is incomplete and useless. Once you connect it’s the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Plus, and this is top secret, it’s fun. Since human beings came out of the caves and formed…

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Vado Porro

Rally for Girls’ Sports Day: What I won by playing sports

Editor's Note: The National Women's Law Center has organized the efforts to Rally for Girls' Sports Day. What did I win by playing sports?  I didn’t play sports until I turned eighteen, so I won some different things than people who played sports growing up.  When I left for college, I decided to play ice-hockey, and joined the team at the University of Maryland.  Maryland is a state that still doesn’t see a ton of women’s ice hockey, so I had a fairly unique opportunity to learn the sport in a supportive environment.  This experience was immensely valuable and I…

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Naming It, Claiming It: Arrived

Note: On January 1, my husband and I made a resolution for the New Year: we would move to California's Central Coast before the end of 2010. This series chronicles the career component of our journey as I attempt to make connections, build a network, and, hopefully (fingers crossed!), find a legal job in the next twelve months. Here are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and final posts in this series. It's hard to believe that the holiday season has arrived, that we are decorating a tree, sipping eggnog, and thinking about resolutions to for 2011. It seems like…

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Not Home for the Holidays

I can’t explain how delighted and pleased I am to have the house to myself. My husband and children left two days ago to drive ten-hours and spend the holiday with his family.  They will be gone for five full days.  As a 3rd year law student, with final exams and papers due in the next few weeks, my family knew I couldn’t spare the time to join them.  Although I have been studying, writing, and wasting little time, so much feels different.  I can do as I choose without feeling guilty- or at-least worried.  There is no one to…

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Swimming in Small Ponds:  Limited Resources

When I’m drafting a brief or other persuasive pleading, I like to throw in some unusual references whenever I can, in the form of obscure journal articles, treatises and other secondary resources that expand upon my argument.  I imagine that it makes me sound smart, or at the very least befuddles my opponent.  Unfortunately, those items are often unavailable when you are two hours away from the nearest law library.  Even small libraries are very expensive to maintain for an attorney, as well as electronic research.  However, a lack of research materials is the least of the problems concerning resources…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: Cold Weather Running

Every year, I look forward to the time of year when the air dries out, the temperature drops, and I get to break out my running pants and long sleeved shirts.  After four months of unbearable heat and humidity, it’s finally cold out.  Not just cool enough to run without feeling like dying, but cold out.  Have to run to warm up cold.  Come home with your nose red and runny cold.  It’s probably really weird coming from somebody who spends the rest of the winter wearing a fleece bathrobe AND a snuggie, but I love winter running.  And I’m…

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Mommy Law:  Lesson Learned

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you have to teach a child the same lesson several times before it really sticks?  Recently I was reminded that this truism applies to ME too. Many years ago I got my first job working as an assistant for a volunteer program.  In between photocopying and phone calls to volunteers, I chatted with my boss about life.  Most days she had some little nugget of wisdom to offer me.  One time I mentioned that I was feeling overwhelmed about getting started on a big project for school.  Her response was. . .well, obvious: “You’ve…

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Mikki Collier

Couture-At-Law: ‘Tis The Season: Dressing for the Office Party

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, many companies are starting to plan their annual office  festivities – which means, it’s time to set your office woes aside, come out from behind your desk and show some personality.  But letting loose a little doesn’t mean letting go—particularly when it comes to your wardrobe.  Your goal is to look savvy, sophisticated and festive, yet remain professional. The office party offers a chance to break out of your workaday rut and add some flair to your everyday ensemble.  With that said, remember that this is still a work function:  dress too sexy…

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