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Lawyering and Living for Less: Networking on a Budget

As a graduating 3L in a dreary economy, finding that first job is more than ever about who you know and not (only) what you know. Networking is essential to job success, especially when you're just entering the legal field and don't have the contacts of a more established professional. Yet when you're living off student loans and work-study, it's difficult to rationalize spending your precious extra cash on drinks at a fancy event or posh business cards. Here are a few tips on getting your name - and yourself - out there without breaking the bank. Card yourself It…

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MR Byrum

Skirting the Middle: What’s keeping women off the ballot?

It hardly seems appropriate to begin a column about state and local legislative issues affecting women without addressing the lack of women in the legislature. A former female state representative once told me that she wanted to see more women in the legislature, but not because she thought that they were more capable legislators or better policy makers. She wanted to see more women in the legislature because women make up half of the population, half of the opinions, and half of the insight – a half that is largely untapped. In my state, between the House and Senate, there…

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