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Paula Edgar

Esquisite Paths: Chaumtoli Huq

Chaumtoli Huq is a dedicated advocate for her clients as well as a devoted partner and mother.  Prior to our conversation, I had heard a lot about her through professional circles, but we had only met in person once, so I was excited to hear her story.  During our conversation, I learned that we have several things in common, including a childhood aspiration to be an In Living Color “Fly Girl”, being the child of immigrant parents and that we are both lucky enough to have fantastic, supportive partners who support us in our careers and in parenting our children.…

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Ursula Furi-Perry Esq.

Ms. Prof: It All Starts in Law School! Networking Tips for Law Students

Your professional career doesn’t start when you graduate law school—rather, it begins during law school. If you are a current law student, you shouldn’t just be aiming to get through your classes and coursework; you should also aim to build, cultivate and maintain a professional network of peers, attorneys and legal professionals.A new academic year is beginning. Take this opportunity to work on your networking skills and start establishing your professional network.Ten tips to consider:1. First, establish professional, cordial relationships with your professors. Introduce yourself; impress in class by being prepared and attentive; and be polite, friendly but proper.2. Talk with…

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The End Is Only The Beginning: Navigating Law Firm Statistics

As recruiting season gets into full swing, many students are contemplating the world of law firms for the first time. Three years ago, when I first began the process, I was utterly clueless. Though I had worked at a large law firm for five years before beginning law school, I worked in a business-related immigration practice group that was cut off from the rest of the firm. The business immigration world is relatively small, with only a few large firms having immigration practice. Consequently, any knowledge I had going into law school wasn’t of much use when contemplating other areas…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: Exercise & the Job Search

A little over three weeks ago, I made it through the bar exam.  Once that weight was lifted, it was time for me and many of my classmates to go back to doing what we have been doing for nearly a year now: job hunting. Job hunting is grueling and it is brutal.  It is also now a reality of many of our lives that we need to find a job soon.  In the coming months, as many of us remain jobless in this terrible market, we will face another issue: too much time.  This is where exercise comes in. I read…

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Lawyering & Living for Less: Post-Bar Adventure on a Budget

As a recent survivor of the bar exam, I know what it is like to spend two gorgeous summer months inside, sitting at your desk, surrounded by books and outlines and notecards, under some of the most intense stress of your life.  It’s not fun, to say the least.  And seeing all of your friends’ facebook updates and photos of their summer adventures is just salt in an already painful wound. Now that the bar exam is over, it’s time to take back your summer and have that grand adventure you’ve been dreaming about for months.  Whether you are about…

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Naming It, Claiming It: Play to Win

Note: On January 1, my husband and I made a resolution for the New Year: we would move to California's Central Coast before the end of 2010. This series chronicles the career component of our journey as I attempt to make connections, build a network, and, hopefully (fingers crossed!), find a legal job in the next twelve months. Here are the first, second, and third posts in the series.My dad is a gambling man. He frequents casinos, scratches lottery tickets, has a string of lucky numbers that he uses to enter the California Lotto on a weekly basis. I do…

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Mikki Collier

Couture-At-Law: Peep-Toe Gate

 Recently, a non-lawyer friend who works in education asked my advice on what to wear for an upcoming interview.  She wanted to wear an outfit that was indicative of her professionalism and sincerity for the position, but she also wanted to showcase a bit of her personal style.  We were going back and forth, tossing around ideas when she said the unthinkable “It’s too hot, I don’t want to wear a suit.” WHAT?  Even in the blazing heat with the mercury nearing 150 degrees, lawyers must always, ALWAYS wear a suit to an interview. It’s not even an option. But…

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An OWLS View: The Signs of Aging vs. The Times of Anti-Aging

Droopy eyelids, wrinkled or sun-damaged skin, and sunken cheeks don't help older law students look as alert or prepared  as they may be for an assignment or interview.  Signs of aging may be mistaken for evidence of being tired, hung over, out of shape, etc.  Many OWLS I know want to look their best for upcoming interviews.  Some older students choose to have cosmetic procedures to freshen up and believe it will make them more competitive in the job market.  At a recent law-school fund raiser, which included attorneys from the community, procedures such as peels, facials, and injections were…

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Ursula Furi-Perry Esq.

Ms. Prof: Five Lessons for New Associates from Bar Prep

Another bar exam is behind us, and my fingers are crossed for everyone who sat for the test.As I assisted students with bar preparation, both individually and in study groups, it struck me that there were some great parallels between the nerves getting to bar applicants and the nerves that get to recent law grads who are starting a new job. The same advice that I give to bar applicants is sound advice for new associates. For example:First, don’t count yourself out. I’ve seen too many students “give up” on a particular type of question because they “just aren’t good…

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Swearing Off Talking About Appearances

You heard it here first:  I will no longer be talking (or blogging) about other women's professional attire.  In roughly 10 years of professional life I've received "constructive criticism" from other women about every conceivable aspect of my appearance: shoes, makeup, pants, skirt, name, voice, handshake, walk, posture, jewelry, bag, you name it. And for the most part I've taken it in stride, knowing the advice-givers were well-meaning, more experienced, and in a position to make or break various opportunities for me. This, despite the care and pride in my wardrobe and the fact that the advice is often conflicting.I've…

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