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Frank Kimball

Reflections from a Headhunter & Hiring Parter: Practical Advice for 2Ls Preparing for Fall

Second year law students are developing strategies for on-campus interviews and outreach to employers who do not to come to campus. This month’s column offers some practical advice about this process - including selecting firms, analyzing practice areas, strategies beyond OCI, and working to improve your GPA. Law firms nationally are likely to remain very conservative about their plans for the summer of 2011. Prudent students will study the market, firms, and hiring patterns with care.Selecting Firms for Campus InterviewsStudents often mis-analyze their marketability and make errors in selecting firms for OCI. Many law schools maintain records about the average…

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Mommy Law: Three Years in Review

I have spent the last three years juggling law school and family life.  For much of the time it was a really great experience.  For all of the time it was challenging.  And for a small portion of the time it felt like a truly impossible undertaking.  The tone of my “law school experience” was set on the very first day of Orientation Week.  I was nervous.  Everybody around me seemed nervous.  My fellow classmates and I were herded out of the law school and into a nearby auditorium for a mandatory presentation.  Instead of parading in with everybody else,…

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Ashley Dawn Rutherford Esq.

Savvy Shopper-At-Law: A Fabulous Summer Makeover on a Budget

Oh! The joys of summer! There’s nothing like a simple, beautiful summer face to perk up your work persona. This column is dedicated to brightening your work week with a subtle makeover for the hot summer months while maintaining your thrifty spending habits.A Fresh Perspective: I’ve heard many women say “I look better without makeup,” or “I don’t know how to apply it,” or “I don’t think that a lot of makeup looks very professional at work.” You’re wrong. Make-up is necessary. Everyone looks better with a bit of concealer and a little mascara. And you don’t need to be…

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Small Firm Life: Performance Reviews

This week I had my annual review at work.  In the days leading up to the review I was increasingly nervous about it, not because I thought it would be negative but because last year I had a very difficult time articulating my responses to the Managing Partner’s observations.  I felt so frustrated because as soon as I left the meeting I thought of a million things I could have said but did not.  I thought I was adequately prepared for the review because I had completed my Self Assessment and reviewed it before the meeting, but this was not…

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Paula Edgar

Esquisite Paths: Carolyn Edgar

Carolyn Edgar is a dynamo.  She is a respected professional, mother of two, writer, blogger and speaker.   Despite our having the same last name, I am not related to her, but I wish that we were related!  She constantly makes me smile when I read her blog posts and her Twitter updates because of her quick wit and her savvy insight.   During our conversation, we discussed dealing with bias in the workplace, overcoming personal challenges, and finding the time for both your passion and your profession.  I am positive that you will be inspired by her Esquisite Path. Enjoy. Name:…

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Deal Makers and Breakers: “The Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Corporate Law Partner” - An Interview with Suzanne Graeser of Morrison & Foerster

This month’s Deal Makers and Breakers features Suzanne Graeser, a corporate law partner in the Palo Alto office of Morrison & Foerster. Ms. Graeser’s practice focuses on emerging companies and venture capital investment, with an emphasis on entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and executive compensation. Ms. Graeser is the West Coast chair of Morrison & Foerster’s Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Group, the former Chair of the Executive Committee to the California State Bar’s Business Law Section, and an advisor to the Business Law News.Ms. Graeser’s experience as a partner in an Am Law 100 law…

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What Not to Do: Facebook, to Detox or not to Detox?

It’s 2010, and this seems to be the question as of late. Detoxing Facebook. Just how important is it? The worldwide web, as we first knew it, presents us with too many options. And Facebook consists of a myriad of options. Do you accept his or her friend request? Ok, you are going to accept, but maybe you could put her on a “limited view” setting? Or perhaps a spring cleaning every year would do the trick in managing your profile…where you sift through all of your “friends” to try and remember where you know them from. Can’t recall when…

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Swimming in Small Ponds: Floating at the Top of the Bowl

When I initially imagined this column earlier this year, I didn't expect to end up unemployed half-way through writing it.  One of the dangers of small town practice is a limited client pool, and when not enough of those clients are paying their bills... well, the result is pretty obvious.So, I've packed up and moved back to Lexington.  However, as I set out to go on my own, I intend to concentrate my practice on the surrounding counties, including my hometown of Nicholasville.  In some ways, practicing "back home" will be easier, because I already have a foundation there.  I…

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Me and the Boys

Forget the Linen Closet: Taking the Plunge from Law Clerk to Lawyer

I've been talking with some other law clerks at my court who, like me, are on the precipice before plunging into our first "real" law firm jobs.  Being a law clerk at a state appellate court has had some great benefits.  The hours are totally predictable, we have learned a lot, and we have been afforded the time to really discuss and debate the more academic side of the law, as well as seeing the inner workings of the judicial decision-making process.  Now we are about to leave the nest a second time and find out if we really can…

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Vado Porro

Running from the Law: Everything I need to know to study for the Bar, I learned from sports.

My first year in college, I found myself getting up at 5:30AM two days a week to get dressed in a freezing cold locker room and skate around on an even colder ice rink with 15 other girls, none of whom had brushed their teeth. My coach made us skate suicides and scrimmage until the sweat on our jerseys froze and our ears became numb from the cold. I was a strong skater but a weak stickhandler, and I didn't score a single goal my first year in college; but I went to practice twice a week, every week, and…

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