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Ask Miranda Pennoyer: of Iqbal & the Princess Bride

It’s time once again for “Ask Miranda Pennoyer,” the column that gives no legal advice, or none that any sane person would follow. Rather, we strive to apply an ointment of knowledge to the burning questions of law students, young professionals, and people who think they are on Cash Cab. Our first question comes from a concerned student in Gainesville, FL: Q. What is the difference between “ex ante” and “ex post”? A. “Ex ante” is a Latin consumptive phrase used when lawyers talk, write, or play poker, such as “he lost $100 before the ex ante.” Whereas “ex post”…

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Impey Biggs

Confessions of a Non-Networker: Internal Networking

With a fresh shiny new year spread out in front of us, I have decided to make a personal "networking resolution" for each month of the year, and see what happens when I try to follow it through. As a disclaimer, my concept of networking is largely theoretical, since I have not consciously attempted to network as an attorney. Until now. Since this is a journey for all of us, feel free to send in suggested resolutions for me to try - I may need some prodding! And, if anything I blog about raises a question, or reminds you of…

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Me and the Boys

Forget the Linen Closet: Balancing Family with Your Legal Career

Many women entering the legal profession from Generations X and Y are pioneers in their families: the first to go to college, the first to go to graduate school, the first to do both of these and raise a family. While we may feel like we're the first to struggle with balancing a legal career and a family, it's helpful to look around and realize that scores of strong women have blazed the trail and have done the hardest work of mapping the territory so that we would have a well-worn path to make our journeys a little easier. Choose…

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Mikki Collier

Couture-at-Law: How To Dress for Success on an Interview

Ed. note: Couture-at-law appears as part of Ms. JD's Writers in Residence publications. Every day we will be featuring content from our WIR's monthly columns. More information about the WIR and the 2010 WIR posts is available here. We have all heard the warning: "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." No where is this statement more applicable than when interviewing for a job. Regardless of how stellar your credentials are, the first judgment a potential employer makes is going to be based on the image you present. Therefore, you want to wear an outfit that…

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Ms. JD

Ms. JD Welcomes the 2010 Writers in Residence

Ms. JD is thrilled to announce the 2010 Writers in Residence! This accomplished group of men and women will tackle a variety of issues in thought-provoking monthly columns. From finding balance to the finding the perfect interview suit, from advice for making partner to advice for working in a small legal community, from perspectives from law school to perspectives from a CEO's office, we believe you will enjoy the many viewpoints that this diverse group of writers plan to share in the coming year. Please help us in welcoming Wendy K. Akbar, Impey Biggs, M.R. Byrum, April A. Christine, Mikki…

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Lawyering and Living for Less: Networking on a Budget

As a graduating 3L in a dreary economy, finding that first job is more than ever about who you know and not (only) what you know. Networking is essential to job success, especially when you're just entering the legal field and don't have the contacts of a more established professional. Yet when you're living off student loans and work-study, it's difficult to rationalize spending your precious extra cash on drinks at a fancy event or posh business cards. Here are a few tips on getting your name - and yourself - out there without breaking the bank. Card yourself It…

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MR Byrum

Skirting the Middle: What’s keeping women off the ballot?

It hardly seems appropriate to begin a column about state and local legislative issues affecting women without addressing the lack of women in the legislature. A former female state representative once told me that she wanted to see more women in the legislature, but not because she thought that they were more capable legislators or better policy makers. She wanted to see more women in the legislature because women make up half of the population, half of the opinions, and half of the insight – a half that is largely untapped. In my state, between the House and Senate, there…

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