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First Generation Success Story: 1L Year

I had made it through orientation and started law school. I was crazy nervous and excited for my 1L year. I knew that I would be faced with new challenges, new adventures, and I would get to learn about the thing I loved the most, the law. The first year of law school is lovingly referred to as the “scared to death” year of law school. And don’t get me wrong, I was shaking in my boots. Will I be successful? Will I understand what I am learning? What if I hate it? Can I survive? These are questions that…

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From Paralegal to Associate: How to Deal with the “Emotional Investment”

Last month, I discussed how to maintain your enthusiasm and your passion for the legal profession.   I have received so many positive feedbacks from the article, and some of the discussions I had on that subject prompted me to analyze further the issues of “Emotional Investment”.   How do you keep your boundaries?  How to keep yourself from becoming too invested emotionally into a client’s case?  For some of us it is easy to do, for other it is hard not to become intertwined into your client’s case.  Some law practice are also more concerned than others.  Notably the practice of…

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Business Etiquette: Declining a Prospective Job Offer

My colleague at Parker Lynch Legal, Sharon McLaughlin, recently wrote a great blog on a topic not often discussed:  how to politely decline a potential new job offer.  I thought it was such a great topic that I decided to post her blog this month as my guest author.  Below are Sharon's etiquette guidelines for those times when you consider a new job, but decide it's not the right move. Interviewing is a lot like dating.  Regardless of whether the position is in-house or in a law firm, it can often be a lengthy courting process during which you go…

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Plant Seeds to Make It Rain: 5 Things New Lawyers Can Do to Begin Developing Business

     When I was a new attorney, I knew that I needed to develop business in order to advance in my firm. I had a lot of anxiety about that at the beginning because there was no well-marked path that I could take to make it work. This is not surprising since even established rainmakers will tell you that new business development is hard work,and studies keep coming out suggesting that female attorneys struggle even more than their male counterparts with it.      It was a happy accident for me that my dad went back to private practice…

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African-American Women “Firsts” in the Legal Profession

Diarra Joi Clemons, J.D. SAG-AFTRA received her Juris Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree from New York Law School, Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) from George Mason University and High School Diploma from an all-girls Catholic high school named St. Scholastica Academy in Evanston, IL. She has worked in Finance for Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Oppenheimer & Co. to name a few. She was also a Judicial Law Clerk while in law school. She is currently a Legal Journalist for Ms. JD, Novelist of the novel memoir series, "Roses are Blue" and Vantage Advertising model advise and beauty blogger. She enjoys painting, reading,…

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Drive Your Journey: Instagram as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but it is not limited to the occasional selfie. If used correctly, Instagram can be used strategically to build a professional brand. Instagram has many features that now make it many attorneys’ platform of choice. Like other social media platforms, Instagram is often changing, so you will want to experiment with it. However, as of the date of publication, below are some of the top ways to use Instagram to build a professional brand. Be sure to use your “bio” space to create interest in your page and to link to other content. The…

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From Paralegal to Associate:  How to Maintain your Enthusiasm

The first few months into the legal profession are a whirlwind of emotions.  You are thrilled to have passed the BAR.  You are finally an attorney.  The pressure of doing a great job are mixed with the enthusiasm you feel for finally doing what took a few years to accomplish.  Then the months pass, and slowly be surely, the rush you get in those first few months dissipate.  The long hours are getting to you.  The mundanity of some of the tasks are getting you bored out of your mind.  How does one stay motivated and enthusiast?  How do you…

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Stacy Papadopoulos, Gen. Counsel, American Gaming Association - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

I’m pleased to welcome Stacy Papadopoulos, General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Industry Services at the American Gaming Association (AGA). Stacy, a double Hoya, has been at the American Gaming Association since 2014. Prior to the AGA, Stacy worked as a partner at the Potomac Law Group, building her career working both in-house at Freddie Mac’s Corporate Governance Department and the firms of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP and King & Spalding. Welcome, Stacy! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with Ms. JD! I’d like to begin by asking about your background. When you were…

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Ms. CyberLaw: Justice Kennedy’s Recent Dissent

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement on June 27, 2018 after having served since 1987.  During his tenure and in his interpretations of the Constitution, Justice Kennedy was mindful of how quickly our society is developing an ever-increasing reliance on technology and, with it, novel forms of privacy concerns. Here is a quick recap of his most recent dissent in Carpenter v. United States, a case centered on an individual's cellphone data privacy.  The issue rested on whether the government's seizure of an individual's cellphone records constituted an impermissible warrantless search in violation of the Fourth Amendment.  The government obtained the cellphone records in question from the individual's wireless…

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JD Skill Drill

After a series of interviews with some seriously impressive female JDs (which you can find on this page), I wanted to do a midyear reset getting back to basics.  For this month’s post, I engaged in a bit of a skill drill.  I scoured a bunch of recent job descriptions looking for ‘JD Preferred’ candidates and copied the desired characteristics and qualifications sections into a word cloud generator.  Here are the results: Let’s dissect a few of the main skills atop every employer’s wish list: Problem Solving As a lawyer, you are being hired to help your client solve their problems. …

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