#MsJDPreLaw Mentoring Hangout (Episode 1) - 12pm ET, Saturday, January 6, 2017

The Ms. JD Pre-Law Program is excited to launch the #MsJDPreLaw Mentoring Hangouts, a series of conversations between attorneys and pre-law students! Our first episode, on "building your brand and network as a pre-law student," will be streamed live at 12pm ET on Saturday, January 6, 2017, at Guest speakers are: Katie Larkin-Wong - litigation associate at Latham & Watkins, Commissioner at the ABA's Commission on Women in the Profession, and former President of Ms. JD Nikki Datta - Class of 2019 undergraduate at Columbia University, President of the Columbia University Women in Law and Politics, and 2017 Writer-in-Residence…

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Write Effective Lawyer Bios and Attorney Website Copy by Following these 6 Tips

When a potential client finds your website or is referred to you, they want to read through and get a good understanding of your law firm, the attorneys and your professional abilities. What they don't want to encounter is copy that's difficult to understand and navigate through. They want to feel confident in their choice they are making by using your services, but don't want to feel as though they are out of the loop when in comes to being informed. Ease their minds and gain their confidence with strong copy that's understandable to a person who isn't an expert…

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Successfully practicing gratitude and law in 2018

In the New Year, resolutions are made, aspirations are high, and we each have the intent to have the best possible coming year.  What about making gratitude an integral part of your life this year? So. What is gratitude? And how can I incorporate it into the practice of law? Gratitude is giving thanks, feeling and being thankful and appreciative for what you have, where you are, and what is now - the present. Gratitude makes everything you have enough.  Incorporating gratitude in the practice of law can easily be folded into your everyday routine. Consider the following tips and…

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#Ms.Cyberlaw: What is Cyberlaw?

Happy 2018, Ms. JD! I would like to start this beautiful blank page with a heartfelt sentiment of gratitude. Last year was a difficult one (Why? Well, because law school.), but one lifelong lesson I gained was how important perspective is. In the midst of all the interviewing anxiety and scheduling and inner monologues that went something like “I am so not cut out for this cutthroat competition,” for example, an interviewer over the summer asked me about my time with Ms. JD. My worries suddenly vanished from the room, and I was reminded of what mattered to me, why…

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How to Keep Your Sanity When Writing Legal Research Papers

Research papers are par for the course in law school. But it's easy to lose your sanity and get burnt out in the process. Use these five tips to help you stay on track and finish your paper on time. 1. Choose a Topic You're Passionate About When writing your paper, choose a topic that you're passionate about. When you care about the topic, you'll find it much easier to immerse yourself in the writing process and stay focused on the task at hand. That passion will also come through in your writing and make it more engaging. Exploring a…

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Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical Advice for New Lawyers

Last month I started the column by asking a question to get your tips to help others. That worked well, so I am doing it again: Send me your thoughts on “how to take a hint.” Just send an e-mail, tweet to @babysharklaw, or post a comment here. Easy! The responses should be interesting, and I will share them in a future column. Q: Our new billable year starts January 1. What is your advice for getting off to a good start? A: The start of a new year is a good time to reflect on your career (and other…

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#MsJDPreLaw at the NYC Bar’s LSAT/Law School Prep Series

Ms. JD was thrilled to co-sponsor the New York City Bar Association - Diversity and Inclusion Committee's LSAT/Law School Prep Series, held on January 5, 2018. In addition to a Law School Fair with representatives from schools around the country and workshops on the LSAT and personal statements, the event also featured two panels on "What to Expect & How to Succeed in Your 1L Year" and "How to Select & Apply to the Right Law School." #MsJDPreLaw spoke with a few of the law school admissions professionals at the fair and asked them: "What's one thing you'd like our pre-law readers to know about your school?"…

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Changing Course: 3 Transferable Skills You Learn From Law

Few like to admit it, but sometimes law school doesn’t lead to a career in law – at least not in the typical sense. Rather, even for those who begin their careers at a law firm, sexism, long hours, and associate-level grunt work can lead to reconsideration. In fact, people leave the legal field in such high numbers that there’s a whole auxiliary field committed to helping lawyers change jobs. Luckily, as a lawyer, or at least as someone with a law degree, you have a lot of “transferable skills.” Using What You Know Transferable skills are exactly what they…

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App Happy: Add an Addendum

Okay, so you feel like you got you got a good handle on your other materials. Your personal statement is flowing, you’ve got your transcripts in order (including your final grades), and you have a solid list of schools to apply to. In the attachments section of your applications, you notice a space for an “addendum.” For those unfamiliar, an addendum is an additional, supplementary statement used to provide further context and information on an otherwise unknown or unclear component of your application. Some schools require addenda (the plural of addendum) for various reasons. If you, for instance, answered yes…

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6 Tips to Improve Your Legal Resume

We've all been there before: You apply for dozens of jobs, but you don't get a single call for an interview. It may not be you. It may be your resume. You may have excellent credentials and a good amount of experience, but if your resume is poorly written, it will be overlooked by hiring managers and recruiters. Use these six tips to improve your legal resume. 1. Tailor Your Resume to the Position Taking a "one size fits all" approach to your resume may be keeping you from getting hired. Hiring managers and recruiters want to see that your…

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