Why It's Critical to Support Ms. JD 

Ms. JD's mission is to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers.

Right now, there are a number of obstacles that interfere with the equal participation of women in the legal profession, namely:  

  • Women's representation among lawyers is lower than financial managers, accountants and auditors, biological scientists, and post-secondary teachers, and significantly lower than their representation within management and the professional workforce as a whole. 
  • The number of women applicants to law school is declining
  • Minority women make up only 3.2% of law partners nationally. 
  • The legal profession is one of the least diverse of all professions in the United States. 

Ms. JD's platform and programming uniquely addresses and challenges these obstacles and, in doing so, gives voice to and lifts up women everywhere.

In 2019 alone, Ms. JD: 

  • Introduced 52 middle-school girls to a career in the law;
  • Mentored and supported 10 law student fellows; 
  • Awarded $7,000 in public interest scholarships and supported 4 public interest placements; 
  • Provided over 50+ early-career law firm associates with a general counsel career coach. 
  • Provided a platform for 240+ original blog articles, including 9 Writers in Residence. 
  • Uplifted a community of 10,000+ Twitter followers, 6,000 Facebook followers, and 3,000 LinkedIn followers. 


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