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Ms. JD is always looking for content submissions to put on the blog roll. Submissions can be as short as 250 words, and they can be published anonymously. Apply to write for Ms. JD or login to your existing account, then submit a blog post anytime. Articles are reviewed by Ms. JD editors before posting to the front page of the blog. 

Possible blog topics include practical advice (i.e., thoughts on finding or being a mentor; suggestions for professional conduct and development; tips for success in law school) and personal reflections ( i.e., how you overcame any obstacles in building your career; how you balance work and a personal life; how your perspective on the law may have changed because of your gender and experiences). If you would like help with brainstorming topics or have general questions about creating your blog, please feel free to email the Content Director.

Write for the Ms. JD Journalists!

The Ms. JD Journalists is a group of volunteer writers who are responsible for writing posts, articles, and other content for Ms. JD. Journalists stay “on call” for a period of 6 months or 1 year to write about topics that have been specifically identified as topics of special interest to Ms. JD readers, such as highlights of minority women lawyers and mental illness in the law profession. A minimum of one written piece is required every 2 months to remain in good standing.

To apply, please email a brief statement of interest and a writing sample of your choice to the Content Director. Please also specify your desired commitment period. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis to match the present demand for new content at the time of submission.

Please email Ms. JD's Editor in Chief to learn more about our application process at staff@ms-jd.org.

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