Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Words of Wisdom from Multicultural Women Attorneys Who’ve Been There and Done That

Women of color began pursuing legal careers in significant numbers during the early 1970s. Now, a generation later, their daughters are entering the profession in ever-increasing numbers. While admission to law school and expanded opportunities for entry and junior-level jobs have improved dramatically, attrition rates suggest that glass ceilings and other obstacles to advancement continue to plague multicultural women attorneys. These barriers limit mentoring opportunities between multicultural women. Recognizing the need to address these issues, MWAN has compiled a collection of letters offering advice, guidance and lessons learned from experienced multicultural women attorneys to their younger colleagues. The collection will be published as a book, titled: Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Words of Wisdom from Multicultural Women Attorneys Who?ve Been There and Done That. The book focuses on the multicultural woman attorney?s career, family/personal life and private self. The topics of the letters are diverse and include: building a practice, managing a career and family, raising children as a professional woman, navigating office politics, directing one?s own career, pursuing an alternative career, coping with lack of mentoring, dealing with disrespect, overcoming stereotypes, building bridges with other women of color, identifying career goals and values, and developing the art of self promotion. The contributors to the project are multicultural women attorneys who graduated from law school more than ten years ago. They come from diverse practice areas, some no longer practicing law. Some are married, some are not. Some are mothers, some are not. Some have had "traditional" careers; others have charted unique career paths. Each, however, is a survivor in one fashion or another, who has valuable insights to offer those seeking to make careers in the law.

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