Diversity Matters: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Legal Education

Jane E. Pendergast

Legal education has traditionally been a white male affair, to which women and people of color have only recently gained entry. Within the last quarter century, the composition and complexion of law school student bodies have changed as historically underrepresented groups have been admitted to law school in greater numbers, chiefly as the beneficiaries of race and gender conscious admission programs. This Article presents more evidence of the inequality that persists in legal education for students. Based on a survey of University of Florida law students conducted in 2001, this study reaffirms the existence of differential experience and an inegalitarian culture in legal education. However, it also demonstrates the importance of diversity and the recognition by a significant majority of students of the value of race and gender pluralism. In the author's view, these competing findings provide a clear guide to the future direction of legal education.
  • Print Location Jane E. Pendergast, Diversity Matters: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Legal Education, 15 U. Fla. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 11 (2003).

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