The Future of Women Law Professors

Herma Hill Kay

Women began teaching law so that other women could learn law. ... Mentschikoff began her career teaching law as a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 1947. ... The earliest tenured or tenure-track African-American woman law professor I have identified is Sybil Marie Jones Dedmond who began teaching in 1951, but who never taught at an ABA-approved, AALS-member school. ... Professor Helen Silving spent two years as a visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico Law School between 1956-58 before she received a tenure-track appointment there in 1962. ... Their attitude toward law school was equally as significant in reshaping legal education. ... The affirmative action program that precipitated Jean Love's appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wisconsin was part of a national mandate that opened the way for significant numbers of women to enter law teaching beginning in 1973. ... I also plan to construct intellectual genealogies for women law professors by examining the "producer schools" to see how early they employed women faculty who might have influenced other women to go into law teaching.
  • Print Location 77 Iowa L. Rev. 5

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