The Hiring and Retention of Minorities and Women on American Law School Faculties

Richard H. Chused

At the request of the Society of American Law Teachers ("SALT"), I updated a SALT-sponsored survey of law school faculty composition for the 1980-81 academic year by adding data from the 1986-87 school year. ... In 1986-87, a typical law school faculty had thirty one members, including those teaching in classrooms and clinics, or holding positions as head librarians or academic deans. ... Even if all minority faculty are taken into account, only about two-thirds of a minority teacher per school has been added to the law school teaching ranks. ... The contrast between the data for tenured and untenured teachers suggests that some "high prestige" schools may be hiring women at the same rate as other institutions but denying them tenure or losing them at higher rates.
  • Print Location 137 U. Pa. L. Rev. 537

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