Just Trying to be Human in this Place:  The Legal Education of Twenty Women

Paula Gaber

During my second semester of law school, I was telling a second-year friend of mine about how unhappy I was with my law school experience. ... Shortly after our conversation, I found and read Catherine Weiss and Louise Melling's article entitled The Legal Education of Twenty Women, a study of twenty women at Yale Law School. ... The Weiss and Melling study proposed to show the "four faces of [women's] alienation: from ourselves, from the law school community, from the classroom, and from the content of legal education." ... For this study, I interviewed twenty women from the Yale Law School class of 1997. ... In some cases, the alienation from content was related to the "Law and Economics" paradigm that is so prevalent at the Yale Law School. ... I was an utter failure at the Yale Law School. ... [The Journal of Law and Feminism] was an experience I definitely enjoyed. ... More specifically, professors who are selected to teach the first-semester small group classes should be required to attend a law school-sponsored seminar about the goals of the small group class and the role of the professor in reaching those goals. ... Does it really matter, in the big scheme of things, what women at Yale Law School are feeling?
  • Print Location 10 Yale J.L. & Feminism 165

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