The Organization as a Gendered Entity:  A Response to Professor Schultz’s The Sanitized Workplace

Rebecca Lee

In this work, the author contests Professor Schultz's argument that connects classical-management theory to sex harassment law and policy. The author argues in Part I that Schultz's characterization of the classical-management approach and its dominance in the field is overstated. In Part II, she questions Schultz's call for unrestricted sexual conduct in the workplace. The author then asserts in Part III that Schultz's structural prescription may be insufficient if we view the organization as an institution created and fundamentally shaped by masculine norms. The author's purpose is to challenge whether an increase in the number of women alone will transform the work environment into an egalitarian and a more welcoming space.
  • Print Location Rebecca Lee, The Organization as a Gendered Entity: A Response to Professor Schultz's the Sanitized Workplace, 15 Colum. J. Gender & L. 609 (2006).

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