Professionalism: One (and Only One) Woman’s Perspective

Judy Perry Martinez

Pickering stated that there are claims of lack of professionalism and civility, and cries for a return to the good old days' - days that we who have lived through them know were not all that good. Those good old days were days when women and minorities were excluded from the profession, the bench, and for the most part, the justice system. ... For instance, objection to the production of documents on grounds recognized as perfectly legitimate under the adversarial system may do little to advance the parties toward resolution. There may be an insufficient number of women willing to risk vocalizing a common belief that the alternatives to the traditional institutionalized adversarial system are healthier, more intellectually honest, and in the collective clients' best interest.
  • Print Location Judy Perry Martinez, Professionalism: One (and Only One) Woman's Perspective, 75 Tul. L. Rev. 1713 (2001).

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