Separate But Equal is Unequal: the Argument Against an All-Women’s Law School

Shannan N. Ball

Women's experiences in law school have changed throughout history and continue to be the subject of much debate ... Yet, even though class participation by women is less than that of men, class participation has not been directly correlated to law school grades. ... Women are learning, succeeding in law school, and passing the bar without as much class participation as men. ... Economic class issues and socio-economic factors can also dramatically impact a female student's law school experience. ... Law school is a professional school and preparation for the profession should include lessons in how to relate with other individuals in relation to the law.
  • Print Location Shannan N. Ball, Separate But Equal is Unequal: the Argument Against an All-Women's Law School, 15 ND J. L. Ethics & Pub Pol'y 171 (2001).

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