Sticky Floors, Broken Steps, and Concrete Ceilings in Legal Careers

Nancy J. Reichman & Joyce S. Sterling

Reports of cracks in the glass ceiling of the legal profession have been around for nearly two decades. ... Compensation disparity is clearly the foundation of gender disparity. ... " These discussions led to the first study of career histories of male and female attorneys in the Denver metropolitan area. ... The Persistence of Gender Penalties in Compensation, Promotion and Retention ... A recent study of Michigan's lawyers conducted by the State Bar of Michigan found that the average female attorney earned only seventy-one cents for every dollar earned by her male counterpart. ... The compensation gap between men and women is not unique to the legal profession either. ... When I first became a partner you voted compensation to all of your partners. ... Figure 7 reveals that only 41.7 percent of the women compared to 77.4 percent of the men expressed high levels of satisfaction with career opportunities. ... The third cohort of lawyers, "Peak Career Lawyers," graduated from law school between 1980 and 1984. ... Given her career progression and savvy during the first interview, we would have predicted that she would be a successful senior partner in the firm she joined. ... Go to the court hearings, talk to the client.
  • Print Location 14 Tex. J. Women & L. 27

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