Supply, Demand, And The Changing Economics Of Large Law Firms

Andrew Bruck and Andrew Canter

This Note describes the changing dynamic between law firms and external market actors in three Parts. In Part I, the authors trace the rise and fall of professionalism in the legal industry, with a particular focus on how economic pressures created a workforce that was overworked, dissatisfied, and unrepresentative of the general population. Part II examines the purchasers of legal services - corporate clients - and why they have gradually started to use their market power to change law firm practices over the past two decades. Part III considers the primary supplier of large firms - law students - and their nascent efforts to organize collectively for workplace reforms. The authors suggest that students and clients can use their power to promote a new ethos of inclusion and effective client service in the elite corporate bar.
  • Print Location Andrew Bruck & Andrew Canter, Supply, Demand, And The Changing Economics Of Large Law Firms, 60 Stan. L. Rev. 2087 (2008).

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