The Woman’s Guide to Law School

Linda R. Hirshman

Each year, 40,000 women apply to law school. Here is the definitive resource to arm them with what they need to know before, during, and after their legal education. Which law schools help their students succeed? What makes someone a successful law student? What determines a law school graduate's future success? A Woman's Guide to Law School provides the answers, while addressing, specifically, the needs and interests of the female student. Linda Hirshman's fresh approach gives women the advice they need--information the law schools often won't tell them. Why do admissions tests seem so scary? Which law schools are good for women--and which are not? How do successful students study in the all-important first year? How do successful students make law review? How do they prepare for their first professional job interviews? In addition to these fundamentals, women will learn about the culture of their law schools, including which law faculties make women squirm and which have politics and policies women can embrace. A Woman's Guide to Law School identifies the schools at which women can do their best at every level of status or selectivity, so no matter where you get in, you can pick the best place for you. With statistics and data--as well as stories of successful women law students--A Woman's Guide to Law School will empower women so they can make wise choices and seize control over their own education and careers.

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