Women of the Courts Symposium: Female Judging

Theresa M. Beiner

This article canvases some ... studies ... of how women judges are deciding certain kinds of cases. ... [S]ection II looks specifically at the decisions and careers of the judges who are participating in this symposium to provide a sense of how they approach judging and their roles as leaders in the legal community. While it has become fashionable in legal academic circles for scholars to rely on or even conduct empirical research, there is much to be gained by other forms of knowledge. Cases tell stories. How judges reason their way to a conclusion is one form a story can take; this form is particularly relevant to the development of legal rules. ... While political scientists have looked at gender as a discrete category that may or may not influence decision making, I hope to provide a broader view of what it means to have a diverse judiciary as well as a less essentialized approach to considering the perspectives of these judges.
  • Print Location Theresa M. Beiner, Women of the Courts Symposium: Female Judging, 36 U. Tol. L. Rev. 821 (2005).

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