5 Things I Learned About Law School Journals

1. They don’t have to be a big time commitment. I was uneasy about signing up for yet another commitment during my 1L year, especially given that free time is especially rare as a 1L. But after attending the interest meeting for the Journal of Law and Gender, I realized that my time commitment all depended on my own choice. I could choose to do minimal work, which is just attending the subcite. (The subcite is when you doublecheck BlueBook citations on the article and proofread the article for grammatical and spelling errors). For those who want to do more…

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Inspiring Women Human Rights Lawyers

While Amal Clooney may dominate headlines for her fashion and much more importantly, her work in human rights and women’s rights, it is important for women lawyers--aspiring or practicing alike--to know about more of the many inspirational women human rights lawyers around the world. They have diverse experiences, and the paths they have taken serve as models for other women lawyers to follow and expand upon. Fatou Bensouda is the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. She has been serving as the Prosecutor since 2012. She previously served as a deputy prosecutor in the ICC for eight…

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