Cameron Rhudy

The Artful Lawyer: Can Letterpress Printing Make You A Better Lawyer?

Okay, your creative hobby may not be letterpress printing (like me), but think for a moment about what you like to do when you are not working. Perhaps you like to knit, bake, garden, take photographs, paint, write, or play an instrument. Well, did you ever consider that the time you spend doing those things might actually help you become a better lawyer? It puts a whole new spin on career development doesn’t it? “Real” Lawyers About a year and a half ago I fell in love with letterpress printing. After dabbling in all sorts of arts and crafts over…

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Cameron Rhudy

The Artful Lawyer: The Creative Ache and Taking Advantage of Opportunities in the Office

“When you’re not making stuff, there’s this part of you that aches, but you don’t know that’s why it aches.”  Lisa Congdon, artist, illustrator, and author, from an interview on Good Life Project. I wanted to share this quote with you because it really summarizes my reasons for writing this column. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a lawyer, but for as long as I can remember I also wanted to be involved in the arts. This division in my personality created a lot of stress when it came to choosing my major in college…

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