Supreme Court Builds Barrier to Equal Pay for Women

Another barrier has just been built as 5 men on the US Supreme Court (guess who?!) have ruled against a woman's pay discrimination claim. While I have not been able to read the opinion, the article clearly indicates that the majority author of the opinion, Alito, would like to find any way possible to deny relief to the woman, citing her failure to file a grievance after each and every paycheck. Ginsberg's heated dissent is right on point and fires back at the all male majority. I think people, including many women and this Supreme Court are far too quick…

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Men making more money than women…what’s new?

As I am sure many of you have seen on CNN and other news networks, there is a story on men making more money than women in the same jobs. While I deplore the way the story is presented, I am like that the story is out there. Now when I tell people about Ms. JD and women's issues in the work force, I can easily reference the inequalities that still exist yet seem to be of any major concern to most in this country. The problem that still exists is the way the issue is framed. As we have…

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