Combining Healthcare and Law

As unfortunate as it is, there are times in the world of medicine where healthcare professionals have come to need legal representation for one reason or another. This is where the nurse attorney comes in. Nurse attorneys have both a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree and doctor of jurisprudence (JD) degree, which entitles nurse attorneys to give legal testimony for healthcare professionals in court. In addition, nurse attorneys may also be asked to alter or advocate healthcare practices through legal or legislative channels. The term "nurse attorney" stems from the gradual intermingling of legal and medical issues, and especially insurance claims…

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The Dangers of Improper Security of Electronic Health Records

There are only a few individuals who know the most intricate details of your body and mind. The majority of these are health care professionals, only a few of whom you may have an ongoing relationship with. Continuity of care is provided and ensured through your medical records. However, paper records are open to being lost, damaged, or destroyed. Moving records between different public health sites increases the risk of these possibilities. Increasingly the answer has been to create electronic health records, and incentives have been offered to those who make the switch. These can be stored either within the…

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