Desiree Goff

Calling All Humanities and the Arts Undergraduates: How to Work in Science and Tech Adjacent Law

As promised, this month we will be exploring how to work in science adjacent law if you don’t have a scientific or technical background. One of the biggest decisions law students and attorneys starting in their careers face is what area of law they want to practice in. Often this may be influenced by pre-law school training or preference. For example, my gynecologist once informed me that her medical doctor husband was going back to law school and planning to focus his practice in medical mal-practice. Other classmates of mine went into JAG after spending a few years in the military.…

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Desiree Goff

Poised for Growth: Technology and Law

Becoming a tech savvy, innovative attorney will open up new opportunities and career growth in whatever law practice you envision. Whether you are on the transactional side or the litigation side of practice, understanding and implementing technology is essential. As a contract attorney, understanding and incorporating smart contract technology as the situation necessitates is warranted. As a litigator, being able to navigate e-discovery and utilizing electronically stored information in the course of litigation is increasingly essential. Additional challenges include presenting this e-discovery in a technology limited courtroom. I can still remember my first jury trials in which each courtroom was…

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Desiree Goff

What is the number one piece of career advice you received?

There is an old sage in medicine: when you hear thundering hooves, look for horses not zebras. The premise is that if you are searching for a diagnosis, always go with the more common (e.g. horse) diagnosis. Don’t look for a zebra when the solution only needs horse medicine. This phrase can also be applied to law as well. Current statistics show us that women are under represented in practice, partnership, and fields such as intellectual property. Women in leadership are zebras in both the legal and biotechnology worlds. According to the American Bar Association’s “A Current Glance at Women…

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