Developing a “Persuasive Presence”

In a recent article, Legal Negotiation Styles: Feminine Weaknesses, Feminine Strengths, Natalie Fraser details advice from professionals on how women lawyers can avoid minimizing themselves and their professional leadership potential. First, women often use "minimalizing language," which undermines their ability "to develop a persuasive presence" and "effectively negotiate." According to Donna Goodhand, a leadership communications specialist, "people respond more to the person representing the cause than they do to the cause itself," which makes image crucial. Goodhand advises that if women "want to be seen as leaders in our realm, if we want our ideas to be credited and our…

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What the experts say about interview etiquette

2Ls are in the final stages of callback interviews, 1Ls are getting ready to contact law firms for summer jobs, and a second wave of job interviews are underway for recent grads who now have a bar admission under their belts. Ms. JD has a great string of posts on what to wear, what not to say, and how to interview as a 3L , but I was curious about what etiquette “experts” have to say about the interview process. The Emily Post Institute, which advertises itself as “a ‘civility barometer’ for American society” has the following advice on interview…

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Shifting Expectations: Women Less Inclined to Pursue Legal Careers

Leigh Jones has an article entitled Fewer Women Are Seeking Law Degrees in the National Law Journal this week. She cites statistics that since 2002 the percentage of women attending law school has declined every year from 49% in 2002 to 46.9% this year. Of course, the total number of applicants to law school has also declined in the past two years with female applicants for 2006 falling by 7.7% and male applicants by 6.7% (Jones has an interesting graph illustrating this phenomenon in her article). At least partly due to the drop in female applicants, the number of women…

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