Nominate a Woman to the Supreme Court

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Women's Power Summit on Law and Leadership at the University of Texas. One of the most exciting experiences while attending was hearing firsthand from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the struggles she's faced as a woman in the legal profession. One of the things Justice O'Connor discussed was her disappointment that there was not more of a movement to replace her on the Court with a woman. That very same night, the news of Justice Souter's retirement was announced. As noted in Jessie's earlier post about the summit, a resolution was…

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DeMANding Work:  Is there a place for part-time?

This weekend I attended the Legally Female conference at Yale Law School. After hearing an amazing set of speakers and panelists and interacting with amazing women from across the country, I can't stop thinking about a question that was raised during one of the sessions. What is the limit of the part-time phenomenon? Can corporate litigators or criminal trial lawyers and others under huge time pressures really do their job effectively in a part-time situation? I guess the reason I keep thinking about this is because I just don't know. If there is a good answer, I haven't thought of…

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