Why a Woman CAN Take a Break from the Law

My mother has a saying: “Women can have it all…just not at the same time.”  She was a stay at home mom.  Once my sister and I were older, she went to the New York School of Interior Design and started her own design business. I thought I could prove her wrong.  I started in banking, went to law school at night while working a full-time job and worked my way to become president and general counsel of a financial company. I enjoyed immense responsibility, put in long hours, and made good money. I figured that if I became indispensable…

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Can a Lawyer Also be a Stay at Home Mom?

I had a great position as General Counsel for a finance company. But I decided to resign when I had my first child. My friends and co-workers teased me that I would not be able to handle being a “SAHM”. I was worried myself since I loved the law and loved what I did.   But as I handled the first rough months of living with a newborn, I realized I really enjoyed being so present and involved in my daughter’s life. A few years later, we had our son and I still wanted to go to all the play-dates,…

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