Ms. J.D. Interviews Lawyer-Turned Novelist Julie James

I stumbled across Julie James’s novels in my summer before law school. I had grown tired of the standard “Which law school is best for you” read, and was interested in something a bit more fun. So I did what any millennial would do; I turned to Google and typed in “lawyer romance novels.” Back then there weren’t nearly as many returns as there are now, which illustrates the fast paced popularity with which the lawyer novelist has grown. I picked up Practice Makes Perfect and was introduced to Payton Kendall; the feminist, employment litigation lawyer, whose mother called her…

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Law Firms Experience Small Gains in Minority and Women Representation, According to NALP’S Latest

The National Association For Law Placement (NALP) recently released its latest demographic findings concerning women and minority representation in law firms. The study looked at representation across four categories: associates, partners, summer associates, and lawyers overall. Although these increases in both women and minority representation in law firms have been on a steady upward trend, the gains have been marginal and there is still much to be done. Beginning with summer associates, since 2000, the percentage of minority law school graduates has ranged from 20% to over 25% and women have accounted for 46% to 49% of graduates. Although summer…

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VERSUS: Prosecutor v. Public Defender

Whether it is during the latest Law and Order: Special Victims Unit or a national news headline that sends a chill down our spines, criminal law is an area of the law that completely captivates us. I was recently afforded the wonderful opportunity to speak with two amazing women attorneys who practice criminal law in Detroit, Michigan: Danielle Hagaman-Clark, an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and Kristin LaVoy, an Assistant Defender at the Michigan State Appellate Defender’s Office. While Detroit has a very rich and deeply historic culture, it is still one of the nation’s toughest…

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